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Dave Chappelle attacker’s misdemeanor charge ripped by comedy club owners: ‘Shocking to hear’

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"This is shocking to hear," New York comedy club owner Dani Zoldan told Fox News Digital Thursday. "The individual that attacked Dave Chappelle did so with a knife. It was planned in advance. I'm curious what they wo...

Kamala Harris ripped for going maskless in crowd of masked schoolchildren

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The visit, highlighting the Biden administration's plan to upgrade public school facilities and make them more energy efficient, added to a string of instances in which Democratic politicians have appeared maskless i...

CBS News ripped for blaming inflation, other economic issues on Ukraine crisis: ‘New scapegoat has dropped

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"미국. economy has been hit with increased gas prices, 인플레이션, and supply-chain issues due to the Ukraine crisis," the liberal network wrote in a Tuesday tweet, linking to an article that described what "할 수 있었다"...

NPR, Nina Totenberg는 신속한 역풍 후 대법원 마스크 보고서에 도전적으로 서 있기 위해 찢어졌습니다.

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NPR의 편집장인 켈리 맥브라이드(Kelly McBride)는 닐 고서치(Neil Gorsuch) 대법관이 존 로버 대법원장의 요청에도 불구하고 마스크 착용을 거부했다는 토텐버그의 이야기와 관련하여 진행중인 논란에 대해 언급했습니다..

National School Boards Association ripped apart after letter comparing parents to domestic terrorists: 보고서

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The letter and the decision by Attorney General Merrick Garland to direct the FBI and U.S. attorneys to address the matter sparked an uproar among parents, activists and GOP political leaders who saw an attempt afoot...

바이든은 압박 후 지속적인 COVID 실패로 찢어졌습니다.: '트럼프가 Google 테스트 사이트에 우리에게 말했다고 상상해보십시오.’

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바이든은 자신의 주장에 대해 현재 상황이 "예방 접종을받지 않은 전염병" 백신 접종을 받은 사람들이 COVID-19에 감염되는 획기적인 사례에도 불구하고. 대통령은 미국인들에게 인터넷을...

Disgraced CBS anchor Dan Rather ripped for ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ 취하다: ‘Sit down

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Late Wednesday night, Rather tweeted out his take on the popular "Let’s Go Brandon" phrase that has been used as a rebuff against President Biden. WSJ EDITORIAL MOCKS AUTO MANUFACTURERS GETTING ‘DOUBLE-CROSSED’ BY B...

대표. Waltz는 잘못된 아프가니스탄 철수를 위해 Biden을 찢은 제대 해병이 출마하기를 희망합니다.

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아프간 철수를 비판한 해병, 책임감을 위해 부름을 받은 왈츠: 그의 앞으로의 여정을 응원합니다, 그가 출마를 고려하기를 바랍니다. 내말은, 나는 씨에게 말할 것이다. 셸러, 리더가 필요하다...

백악관, '심각한 질병과 죽음' 겨울 최후의 메시지 위해 찢어졌다’ 예방 접종을받지 않은 사람들을 위해

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바이든 대통령, 백악관 COVID 대응 조정관 Jeff Zients, 각각 지난 주에 메시지를 푸시했습니다., 전자는 목요일 백악관 이후 미국인들에게 엄중하고 우울한 경고를 발령했습니다. ...

Luke Evans shows off ripped abs on the beach in Miami

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The Welsh actor, 42, proudly showed off his impressive abs and ripped arms while walking out of the water in teeny-tiny swim briefs. Evans started his transformative fitness journey in 2020. He documented his new phy...

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ripped for calling education concerns a ‘right-wing grievance

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그만큼 "All In" host tweeted, "It's been interesting how much ‘education’ and schools as a focus of right-wing grievance has been consistent even as the particular grievance keeps shifting. A year ago it was going to be...

Multiple outlets ripped for referring to Lincoln Project as ‘Republicans

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금요일에, a small group dressed as "Unite the Right" rally goers claiming to support Virginia gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin stood in front of the Republican’s campaign bus. Democrat candidate Terry McAuliff...

Wounded Afghan war vet, PA congressional candidate: Biden’s botched withdrawal ‘ripped off a lot of scabs

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A decade ago, Teddy Daniels was in his 30s; past the typical military enlistment age, when he sought to serve in uniform. Daniels had already worn the uniform of a policeman for 15 years in Harford County, Md., a sub...

Body of Tennessee boy, 2, found after floodwaters ripped him from his mother’s arms

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Kellen Cole Burrow’s mother had been holding onto her five children inside their Waverly, 테네시, apartment when he was snatched away by the surging water, 여우 17 in Nashville reported Tuesday. "I seen him that n...

NY Gov. Cuomo ripped for report he abandoned dog Captain at executive mansion

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The Albany Times Union reported Monday morning, citing two state police sources, that Cuomo, 민주당 원, left the dog behind at the Executive Mansion before he started staying with one of his sisters in Westchester C...

CNN’s Jim Acosta ripped for renaming Delta variant the ‘DeSantis variant’: ‘Performance art

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"People should not have to die so some people can own the libs," Acosta said on Saturday. "But they may end up owning the pandemic, because they're prolonging it." Acosta declared it was time to rename the Delta vari...

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