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Hunter Biden laptop repairman rips DOJ’s ‘blatant double standardafter Trump raid: ‘He’s beyond reproach

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John Paul Mac Isaac joined "jakkals & Vriende eers" Thursday to discuss the agency's bias as critics accuse the Biden administration of "weaponizing" the DOJ against a political adversary. "There's been a plethora ...

Joe Biden is 'n 'hack': Monica Crowley ruk die Biden-familie oor China in

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CROWLEY: Joe Biden was nog altyd 'n hack, maar nou is hy president van die Verenigde State en Amerika se opperbevelhebber. En daar is bewyse dat die Biden-familie geweldig by die CCP en Chines gebaat het..

Brazil president rips Leonardo DiCaprio over Amazon deforestation tweet: ‘Give up your yacht before lecturing

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"According to this map from @mapbiomas, the region has faced an onslaught of illegal deforestation at the hands of extractive industry over the last 3 jare," DiCaprio wrote, sharing a graphic from Brazilian deforest...

NY liberal lawmaker rips AOC as ‘absentfrom home district after ‘performativeSupreme Court stunt

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The public online spat started last week when a Twitter user named Daniel, who identifies as a medical student and a health activist under the handle @jai_lies, called out Ocasio-Cortez’s office for purportedly cance...

Dolfyne’ Teddy Bridgewater rips NFL players who pretend to be ‘gangsta

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Bridgewater, 29, signed with the Dolphins during the offseason. He wrote on Facebook he was "tired’ of seeing guys pretend to be something they are not. "Tired of seeing football players portray this tough guy image ...

Adam Carolla rips Prince Harry for bashing America in United Nations address: ‘Colossal blowhard

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PRINCE HARRY WINS LATEST LEGAL BATTLE AGAINST UK'S MAIL ON SUNDAY OVER ‘DEFAMATORY’ STORY ADAM CAROLLA: He's just such a colossal blowhard. But bigger picture, it's just easier to make fun of the United States for ev...

Brewer rips crime crisis after Florida barbershop owner was shot in the face: ‘Need to get law and order back

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Brewer joined "jakkals & Vriende-naweek" Sondag, to discuss the incident and what has led to the broader "juvenile crisis" at hand. "There's a new trend across our country that's called break-ins, and they're going...

LeBron James rips Celtics fans: ‘They racist as f—‘

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James was talking about his least favorite cities to play in during the latest episode of his show on HBO, "The Shop." James’ business partner Maverick Carter mentioned during the conversation there were places where...

Enes Kanter Freedom rips LeBron James over Brittney Griner remarks: ‘Keep taking your freedom for granted

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James was heard in the trailer questioning whether the U.S. has the detained WNBA superstar’s back and floated the possibility that if he was in her situation he would be wondering whether he even wants to go back to...

Jeanine Pirro rips Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg for charging a store clerk with murder over ‘self-defense

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Wimbledon champ rips Nick Kyrgios over outbursts during Stefanos Tsitsipas match: ‘Just an absolute circus

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Kyrgios defeated Tsitsipas 6-7 (2-7), 6-4, 6-3, 7-6 (9-7) in a four-set thriller during the third round of the Wimbledon Championships. During the match, Tsitsipas purposely hit a ball into the stands, expressing fru...

Concha rips the direction of the economy under the Biden administration

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REP. MATT WALTZ: NOT SURPRISED AMERICAN PRIDE HAS DECLINED THE WAY BIDEN SPEAKS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY JOE CONCHA: Scott put up that stat before about 85% of voters don't like the direction of the country. I'd love to do ...

CNN’s Jake Tapper suggests the ‘American experimentis in jeopardy amid Jan. 6 verhore, rips Trump, GOPers

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"The success of what is called the ‘American experiment’ has been of interest to our friends here in Europe and around the world ever since the term was coined in the New York Tribune in 1860, just before another att...

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell rips Chicago’s ‘soft-on-crimepolices as brother’s killer remains at large

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A Chicago Police Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital that there were no updates available as of Monday morning and that nobody was in custody in connection to the shooting death of Caldwell’s 18-year-old br...

Chicago Democrat mayoral candidate rips Lightfoot on crime surge: ‘Handcuffing our police

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FOX NEWS ANALYST GIANNO CALDWELL REMEMBERS BROTHER, 18, FATALLY SHOT IN CHICAGO: ‘ALL I WANT… IS JUSTICE’ RAYMOND LOPEZ: What Lori Lightfoot has done is emboldened criminals by handcuffing our police, not allowing th...

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy rips Roe v. Wade ruling, says it’s too dangerous to vote Republican

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In the two-and-a-half minute video, Portnoy called the ruling "pure insanity," stipulating he didn't represent his company's employees. "We are going backwards in time," Portnoy gesê. "We are literally going backwar...

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