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Al Gore rips Trump’s Covid-19 response: ‘He’s trying to gaslight the virus

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Former Vice President Al Gore said Wednesday that President Donald Trump is "trying to gaslight" die coronavirus, in a scathing assessment of the administration's response to the pandemic. "He's trying to gaslight t...

Ex-Republican Party chairman Michael Steele rips Trump supporters: ‘Yeah, I’m with stupid

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Washington Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, sharply criticized President Donald Trump's supporters on Wednesday night for their continued loyalty even as the US death toll fro...

Cyclone Yasa rips through Fiji, doodmaak ten minste 2 people and destroying homes

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Hurricane force winds and torrential rain brought by Cyclone Yasa have destroyed scores of houses and flattened crops in Fiji's northern regions, aid agencies said on Friday. Two casualties have been confirmed, akkoord ...

Hotel sustains significant damage after a ‘large and extremely dangerous tornadorips through Birmingham area

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A tornado described as "large and extremely dangerous" by the National Weather Service (NWS) in Birmingham, Alabama, ripped through a hotel late Monday night. Video from CNN affiliate WVTM shows that the Hampton In...

Vuur skeur deur die historiese Krispy Kreme-donutwinkel wat deur Shaquille O'Neal besit word

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'N Vroegoggendbrand het 'n historiese krispy Kreme-donutwinkel van Atlanta, wat aan die afgetrede NBA-superster Shaquille O'Neal behoort, vernietig. Twee werkers was in die winkel en het gebel 911 omstreeks 12:45 am. op Woensdag af ...

Tomi Lahren rips MLB, Delta’s ‘undemocraticID hypocrisy: You need it to board a flight

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Die wet, which prohibits electioneering within several dozen feet of a poll, expands some early voting and institutes stronger identification requirements for Georgians seeking to vote absentee, caused a firestorm af...

DeSantis rips ’60 Minutesfor selectively edited ‘hit job’: ‘Ambulance chasers with a microphone

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RON DESANTIS BLASTS CBS' '60 MINUTES' FOR 'DECEPTIVELY EDITED' PUBLIX-COVID CLIP: A 'POLITICAL NARRATIVE' RON DESANTIS: Almal [CBS] were looking to do was a hit job on me to try to smear me just because I’m in the othe...

McEnany rips ’60 Minutesover ‘attempt to take downDeSantis for coronavirus response

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"It's an attempt to take down someone who is, I think we can pretty much say anyone in the Republican Party, this is someone who has a bright future in the party being hailed for his coronavirus response," McEnany to...

Georgië Gov. Kemp skeur MLB vir 'teenstrydigheid’ van die verskuiwing van spel uit die half-swart Atlanta na die meerderheid wit Denver

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BRIAN KEMP: Ja, Ek dink hulle sal. ek bedoel, dit is amper komies - net al hierdie treffers wat aanhou volg: skuif die All-Star-spel van 'n stad wat dit is, jy weet, 'n metrogebied 51 persent Afro-Amerikaner tot ...

Homan skeur Biden-grensbeleide na video-oppervlaktes van jong seun wat in die Texas-woestyn verlate is

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Homan het die opmerking gemaak terwyl 'n video wat deur 'n grenspatrolliebeampte op sosiale media gevang is, die rondte doen wat 'n jong seun wys met trane wat oor sy gesig stroom, wat blykbaar alleen in die woestyn in Texas in die steek gelaat is...

Hawley rips Washington Post writer who linked criticism of ‘woke corporationsto racism, antisemitisme

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In a piece headlined, "Josh Hawley’s ugly rant unmasks the fraudulence of the anti-‘wokeness’ crusade," Sargent criticized comments the senator made on "Die Ingraham-hoek" Thursday that linked the Georgia law to Haw...

Joe Concha rips media for refusing to call Minnesota unrest ‘rioting

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BROADCAST NETWORKS AVOID CALLING CHAOS IN MINNESOTA A ‘RIOT,’ OPTING FOR SOFTER TERMS JOE CONCHA: Maybe we have to come to some sort of compromise here, you know maybe we could call them mostly peaceful riots. Would ...

Judge Jeanine rips Democratsproposal to expand Supreme Court, tells Tucker ‘this is madness

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PIRRO: What this would mean is that we would have another legislative body in the United States. The Supreme Court has historically been filled by presidents who, when they are there, if there is a vacancy, they appo...

AOC rips into Biden for keeping ‘racist’ Trump-era refugee cap

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"Completely and utterly unacceptable. Biden promised to welcome immigrants, and people voted for him based on that promise," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted. BIDEN TO KEEP REFUGEE ADMISSIONS AT TRUMP-ERA LEVELS, DESPITE EARLIE...

Ben Domenech ruk Dr. Fauci se opmerkings oor wapengeweld: ‘Heeltemal uit sy diepte’

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FAUCI BEK GEWELD GEWELD AAN 'N OPENBARE GESONDHEIDSKWEGTE BEN DOMENECH: Ek is siek en sat vir hierdie uit-sy-diepte burokraat Dr. Fauci voel dat hy net sosiaal oor enige soort saak kan weeg en 'n reaksie daarop kan hê..

Gary Sheffield rips current state of MLB, says he never watches baseball: ‘They’ve changed the game so much

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Sheffield, 52, told CBS Sports Radio on Friday that the only time he watched baseball was when he was "gedwing" to do so while working as an analyst for TBS. COLUMN: DROP IN PAYROLL ADDS FUEL TO BASEBALL LABOR TALKS ...

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