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Hollywood Hills homeowner targeted in armed home invasion as Los Angeles robberies rise

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Die slagoffer, Anthony Farrer, told FOX11 Los Angeles that he was asleep in bed when the four suspects woke him up. LOS ANGELES ROBBERIES INVOLVING FIREARMS UP 44% AND ARE BEING MORE VIOLENT, POLICE CHIEF SAYS "I rolle...

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FBI hunting man accused of 11 bank robberies across multiple states, offering $10K reward

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The unidentified suspect was nicknamed the "Route 91 Bandit" after committing the robberies in various cities and towns along the I-91 corridor, which stretches 290 miles north to south from Connecticut to Vermont, t ...

Philadelphia police searching for suspects in connection to multiple fast food armed robberies

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There have been five reported incidents fitting a similar pattern across the city between Jan. 16 and Jan. 25, Philadelphia police said. WISCONSIN MAN CHARGED IN CONNECTION WITH FATAL BURGER KING SHOOTING IN CUSTODY...

LA train robberies: Stolen rail cargo thefts include guns, polisiehoof sê

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LOS ANGELES — Thieves breaking into freight trains in Los Angeles have stolen guns from cargo containers, police Chief Michel Moore said. Moore told the city’s board of civilian police commissioners on Monday that "t ...

Florida man disguises himself as a woman to carry out pair of armed robberies, sê owerhede

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John M. Graham, 33, wore a woman’s black wig, black fishnet stockings, knee-high boots, n hoed, sunglasses and a face mask when he entered a Circle K store in DeBary just before 3 vm., the Volusia Sheriff’s Office sa...

Las Vegas NYE robberies leave two dead, suspects detained

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The first incident unfolded Friday around 1:30 nm. in the parking garage of the Fashion Show Mall when a suspect approached a man and his wife, FOX5 Las Vegas reported, citing the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Depar...

LA county sheriff rips AOC’s dismissal of smash-and-grab robberies as a ‘jedi mind trick

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Ocasio-Cortez recently told The Washington Times that "a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are actually not panning out," naming a "Walgreens in California that cited the issue but didn't have the "d ...

San Francisco polisie lt. blameer ACLU vir 'n reeks smash-and-grab rooftogte: 'Beskerming van die misdadigers’

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"Dit lyk asof hulle nou die kant kies van die mense wat die misdaad pleeg in plaas van die slagoffers wat steeds geviktimiseer word," Luitenant Tracy McCray het aan Fox News-gasheer Tucker Carlson gesê. "As iemand iemand aanval, t ...

California state, federal politicians silent after AOC doubts existence of smash-and-grab robberies

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"We have to talk about specifics because, byvoorbeeld, we’re actually seeing a lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out," Ocasio-Cortez told The Washington Times in an interview...

NY Demokraat ruk AOC se ontkenning van styging in smash-and-grab rooftogte: 'Sy is 'n gevaar’

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GOP, BESIGHEDE SLAM AOC OM TE TWYFEL DIE BESTAAN VAN SMASH-EN-GRIP ROOFVALE: 'TOONDOOF EN AANSOEKEND' Voormalige New Yorkse gemeentelid Dov Hikind het aangesluit "jakkals & Vriende eers" Maandag om haar opmerkings te bespreek, as man...

San Francisco polisie lt. blameer die stad se liberale beleid daarvoor dat sy haar hande vasbind te midde van rooftogte

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"San Francisco, soos jy uit al die video kan sien, die ingeboude winkels, leë spasies vir kleinhandel, is 'n stad wat spiraalvormig is of reeds onder in die toilet is," Luitenant Tracy McCray het aan Fox News primetime gesê..

Los Angeles is seeing a trend of ‘follow-homerobberies targeting people based on their cars and jewelry, sê die polisie

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There has been a slew of robberies in Los Angeles where the perpetrators target people based on the jewelry they're wearing and their cars, police said Friday. The Los Angeles Police Department is calling the crime...

San Francisco suspects targeted Asian women in 70 robberies, believed they didn’t use banks, ondersoekbeamptes sê

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An investigation into the crime spree began in late 2020 when the robberies and purse snatches started, het die distriksprokureurskantoor in Santa Clara County gesê. The thefts all followed the same pattern: Die verdagtes ...

Philadelphia police arrest suspects in ATM explosions and robberies

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ASIAN WOMAN STABBED TO DEATH IN 'RANDOM' ATTACK IN CALIFORNIA According to WTXF, the Fox-owned TV in Philadelphia the alleged crew used bombs to blow open the machines and a sledgehammer to shatter open the cash box...