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Patriotte’ Mac Jones reveals reason behind winking at DolphinsElandon Roberts: ‘Nice catch

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Jones told reporters during a press conference that the wink came after Roberts, who spent four seasons with the Patriots before signing with Dolphins in 2020, actually called the snap. PATRIOTS’ MAC JONES ON FIRST ...

Prince Andrew: UK High Court accepts request from Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s attorneys

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The U.K. Judiciary confirmed the news on Monday, telling Fox News in a statement that Giuffre’s attorneys had provided them with the necessary information and the office had "accepted the request for service under th...

Why Merrick Garland is channeling John Roberts in DOJ’s fight against the Texas abortion ban

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When Attorney General Merrick Garland mustered the power of the federal government to attempt to stop Texas' controversial abortion ban Thursday, he made sure to single out Chief Justice John Roberts in his press co...

Julia Roberts shares rare photo with husband Daniel Moder for 19th anniversary: ‘Just getting started’

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Die "Pretty Woman" uitvoerder, 53, shared a sweet selfie snap to Instagram on Sunday as the pair rang in their 19th wedding anniversary from the sandy confines of a beach. "19 jare. Just getting started!" Roberts wro...

Julia Roberts shares rare selfie with husband Danny Moder to celebrate wedding anniversary

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Julia Roberts has shared a rare selfie with her husband, Danny Moder, to mark their 19th wedding anniversary. The couple tied the knot at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico, op Julie 4, 2002, after meeting on the set of ...

John Roberts beoog die Wet op Stemregte en openbaarmaking van politieke geld, weer

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Die Hooggeregshof onder hoofregter John Roberts het die historiese stemregwet uitgehol, beperkte regulering van groot politieke skenkers en beperkte uitdagings tot partydige gerry. Die laaste twee besluit ...

Late Bond girl Tayna Roberts leaves entire estate to common-law husband in handwritten will

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Her publicist Mike Pingel, verified to Fox News that the handwritten document, otherwise known as a "holographic will," is real, was filed on Thursday and was Roberts' last will and testaments. Roberts died at the ag...

Judges are split on how seriously to take John Robertsabortion opinion

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Almost a year after Chief Justice John Roberts sided with the Supreme Court's liberals to cast the determinative vote to block a Louisiana abortion law, his opinion in the case is causing deep divisions among lower ...

Julia Roberts, George Clooney rom-com ‘Ticket to Paradise’ lands 2022 release date: verslag doen

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No – the actors aren’t reprising their roles as Danny and Tess Ocean for another heist flick, but fans of the pull-and-tug on-screen couple should get excited as Roberts and Clooney’s new rom-com, "Ticket to Paradise...

Geen. 15 seed Oral Roberts pulls off the first shocker of March Madness

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The first upset of March Madness was an historic one as the Oral Roberts Golden Eagles soared over the second-seeded Ohio State Buckeyes on Friday in an overtime thriller in the tournament's first round. The game wa...

How John Roberts left the door open to more state limits on abortion

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Chief Justice John Roberts provided on Monday the decisive vote to preserve access to abortion in Louisiana, a ringing victory for the clinics and doctors who spent years fighting a law they claimed would effectivel...

John Roberts verskil alleen en hou nie terug nie

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Hoofregter John Roberts, losgemaak van sy gewone posisie in die Hooggeregshofmeerderheid en Maandag alleen anders is, teruggevuur met 'n arsenaal van sarkasme, bespotting en sy eie alternatiewe siening van die geskiedenis. ...

Hooggeregshof — oor John Roberts’ enigste verskil — reël ten gunste van die student in die eerste wysigingsaak

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Washington The Supreme Court on Monday revived a lawsuit brought by a former student seeking to hold his state university accountable for violating his First Amendment rights when it barred him from speaking about hi...

John Roberts het nog 'n kans om die Wet op Stemregte te verminder

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Hoofregter John Roberts het die afgelope paar jaar 'n konserwatiewe rewolusie by die Hooggeregshof vertraag, maar hy het nog langer -- 40 jare -- rasse-remedies teëgestaan ​​het en die land nou uitgelê..

Roberts won’t preside over impeachment trial, but Leahy set to follow his 2020 script

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Sy. Patrick Leahy is expected to adhere largely to the script of Chief Justice John Roberts when he presides over the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump this week. But unlike when the robe-cl...

Julia Roberts tested Matthew Perry before agreeing to appear on ‘Friends

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According to the co-creator of "Vriende," Julia Roberts didn't make it easy to snag her for a guest-starring role. Kevin Bright joined others in talking to the Hollywood Reporter in honor of the 25th anniversary of ...

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