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Japanese town deploys ‘Monster Wolfrobots to deter wild bears

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A Japanese town has deployed robot wolves to scare off bears that have become an increasingly dangerous nuisance in the countryside. The town of Takikawa, on the northern island of Hokkaido, purchased and installed a...

Robots are joining the fight against coronavirus in India

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Londra (CNN Business)In India, the country with the world's second-highest number of Covid-19 cases, a handful of hospitals has started to use robots to connect patients with their loved ones, and assist healthcare w...

Insect-inspired robots that can jump, fly and climb are almost here

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Picture a robot. Did you envision a giant machine assembling cars, Data from "Star Trek," C-3PO from "Guerre stellari" o "The Terminator"? Most of us would probably think of something massive -- or at least human size. ...

Seven-foot robots are stacking shelves in Tokyo convenience stores

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Londra (CNN Business)Japan has the oldest population in the world, and that's causing an acute labor shortage. With almost a third of the population aged 65 e al di sopra, finding workers can be a challenge. Increasingly...

Talking robots could be used to combat loneliness and boost mental health in care homes

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London Talking robots that interact with older people could be introduced into care homes to help fight loneliness and mental ill health. Pepper, un "culturally competent robot," was tested on care home residents in ...