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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson feels ‘indebtedto America for his continued success: ‘Tenacity opens doors

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Life in the U.S. has been good to the movie star and former WWE wrestler. In addition to being one of the most recognized stars in Hollywood, he was named Forbes’ highest-paid actor of 2020 thanks to hits like "Hobbs...

Kid Rock spews homophobic slur at people filming him at Tennessee bar

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The outspoken performer, 50, whose real is Robert Ritchie, hit a stage inside the FishLipz Bar and Grill in Smithville, Tenn., and onlookers videoed the "Biker Boyz" actor shouting "f—k your iPhone" before belting th...

Nancy Grace warns Little Rock: ‘A serial killer is walking among us right now

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The attacks took place between August 2020 and April of this year. Arkansas police Chief Keith Humphrey believes all four victims were chosen at random, but the motive for the attacks remains undetermined. After ta...

Jack Black ‘heartbrokenabout ‘School of Rockcostar Kevin Clark’s death

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"Devastating news," Black wrote on Instagram Wednesday. "Kevin is gone. Way too soon. Beautiful soul. So many great memories. Heartbroken. Sending love to his family and the whole School of Rock community." The actor...

Kevin Clark, 'School of Rock' drummer, dood by 32 nadat hy noodlottig deur 'n motor getref is

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Die 32-jarige man is Woensdag in die vroeë oggendure in Chicago deur 'n Hyundai Sonata getref, het die polisie in Chicago in 'n verklaring aan Fox News gesê. Hy is met paramedi na die Illinois Masonic Medical Center gebring..

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to play Krypto the Super-Dog in ‘DC League of Super-Pets’

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The animated DC film centers on Superman’s dog, who teams up with a flying cat to stop crime while the Man of Steel is on vacation. It’s slated to release in theaters on May 20, 2022. Jared Stern is writing and direc...

‘Spiralstrands Chris Rock in a not-quite ‘Sawsequel that goes down the drain

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Following his dramatic TV turn in "Fargo," Chris Rock expands his portfolio again with "Spiral: From the Book of Saw," an extension on the eight-movie-old "Saw" franchise. But this attempt to stitch together the hor...

Australiese visserman pronk met reuse-kreef in die TikTok-video

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'N Australiese visserman het onlangs 'n groot rotskreef gevang en die wese in 'n nou virale TikTok-video vertoon.. In die clip, gebruiker Brodie Moss hou die rotskreef omhoog -- wat hy 'n kreef genoem het -- vir die c ...

Chris Rock recalls the final time he saw Chris Farley

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Comedians Chris Rock and Chris Farley were great friends in their seven years together on "Saturday Night Live" in the 90s. In a new interview with Esquire, Rock says that before Farley died of an overdose in Decemb...

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2021 inductees are….

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Die klip & Roll Hall of Fame revealed its 2021 inductees on Wednesday, marking the most diverse group by musical genre in the organization's history. To be eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame, an indivi...

Utah climber rescued from spot called ‘Certain Death’ after rock ‘size of a refrigerator’ rolled on him

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Rescue crews responded around 4 nm. to a call of an injured climber in the Gate Buttress area of Little Cottonwood Canyon, which is part of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest located about 15 miles from Salt Lake Cit...

Rock music pioneer Lloyd Price of ‘Stagger Leefame dies at 88

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer Lloyd Price, whose hits included "Stagger Lee" en "Lawdy Miss Clawdy," is oorlede op die ouderdom van 88, his longtime manager confirmed to CNN. Price died May 3 van "complications from d...

Lloyd Price, early rock legend behind ‘Stagger Lee,’ dood by 88

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Price's wife, Jacqueline Price, confirmed to the Associated press that he died on Monday at a long-term care favility in New Rochelle, New York, due to complications from diabetes. Price was inducted into the Rock an...

Prince Harry knew Meghan Markle, Oprah Winfrey interview would ‘rock the boat’: verslag doen

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In Maart, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex opened up to Winfrey in an intense, hours-long interview that included bombshell accusations against the royal family and the Firm at large. Included in their claims were accu...

Belgian farmer made France smaller by accident when he moved a rock: Verslag

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That’s what a Belgian farmer learned after he moved a sizable stone that constantly disrupted his tractor’s path. Maar, it turned out the rock was actually a marker that served as a divider for France and Belgium, acc...

Drunk man outside Kid Rock bar in Tennessee used his colostomy bag as a weapon: cops

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A bizarre incident reportedly occurred outside of a restaurant owned by musician Kid Rock on Saturday night. Volgens berigte, a drunk man used his colostomy bag as a weapon during an altercation with police offi...

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