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Drunk man outside Kid Rock bar in Tennessee used his colostomy bag as a weapon: policías

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A bizarre incident reportedly occurred outside of a restaurant owned by musician Kid Rock on Saturday night. Según informes, a drunk man used his colostomy bag as a weapon during an altercation with police offi...

Kid Rock cancels shows after band members test positive for Covid-19

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Kid Rock canceled two shows over the weekend after an outbreak of Covid-19 in his band. The concerts were scheduled for this past Friday and Saturday night in Fort Worth, Texas. The artist took to Twitter to explain...

Joe Rogan shown support from Dwayne ‘The RockJohnson on video addressing Spotify controversy

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El lunes, Rogan released a nearly ten-minute video response to critics calling for the platform to remove "La experiencia de Joe Rogan" pódcast, arguing that he often spreads misinformation about the coronavirus pandem...

Will Smith’s mother expresses shock over Chris Rock Oscars slap: ‘First time in his lifetime

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In an interview following the awards show, Carolyn Smith shared how proud she is of her son on his first Oscars win. "I know how he works, how hard he works...I've been waiting and waiting and waiting. When I heard t...

A tornado emergency has been declared in Little Rock, Arkansas, by the National Weather Service

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A tornado emergency has been declared by the National Weather Service office in Little Rock, Arkansas, for a confirmed large and destructive tornado. "A large, extremely dangerous, and potentially deadly tornado is...

October surprise and a Covid-19 diagnosis rock the race for US Senate seat in North Carolina

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It was just another Friday in the race for the US Senate seat in North Carolina until a double October surprise threatened to upend one of the most expensive Senate races in the country. Democratic candidate Cal Cu...

Kevin Clark, Baterista de "School of Rock", muerto en 32 después de ser atropellado fatalmente por un automóvil

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El hombre de 32 años fue atropellado por un Hyundai Sonata en la madrugada del miércoles en Chicago., el Departamento de Policía de Chicago le dijo a Fox News en un comunicado. Fue llevado al Centro Médico Masónico de Illinois a través de un paramédico..

Ron, Clint Howard on acting with The Ramones in ‘Rock ‘nRoll High School’: ‘They had their game face on

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los "Jungle Book" voice actor, 62, told Fox News that the punk rock group "embodied rock ‘n’ roll," and he felt the group emitted an aura that made him and others want to do their best work in the 1979 cult classic. ...

Will Smith appeared to strike Chris Rock on Oscars telecast

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Chris Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith's shaved head, which did not appear to go over well with her husband Will Smith. While presenting the award for best documentary, Rock joked, "Jada I love you, 'G.I. J...

Chris Rock draws big crowd in first show since Oscars: ‘Can’t miss an opportunity like this,’ fan says

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Since the Oscars incident, sales for "Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour 2022" have skyrocketed, soaring to over $ 1000 per ticket. Rock did a show for a sold-out crowd at Boston's Wilbur Theater. "You can't miss an op...

Kangaroo painted over 17,000 years ago is Australia’s oldest known rock art, los científicos dicen

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A painting of a kangaroo in Western Australia is the oldest known rock art in the country, according to scientists, who say radiocarbon-dating analysis shows it was created more than 17,000 hace años que. The kangaroo d...

Dwayne 'La Roca’ Johnson says he ‘laughed hardat Vin Diesel’s ‘tough lovecomments regarding their feud

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Diesel claimed he had to give some of his "Rápido & Furioso" co-stars "tough love," to which Johnson "laughed" a. "I laughed and I laughed hard," Johnson said in an interview published Wednesday by The Hollywood R...

Alec Baldwin difficult on ’30 Rock’ colocar, threatened to assault director, reclamos de libros

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The Emmy-winning "30 Rock" followed the lives of the writers and actors behind an NBC sketch show inspired by "Sus canciones se han vuelto tan populares que la favorita de TikTok." Baldwin appeared on the show for seven seasons as Jack Donaghy, Vice President of E...

Will Smith’s slap of Chris Rock at Oscars causes international media eruption: ‘Lowest pointever at ceremony

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Por ahora, you've seen it – actor Will Smith strode on stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock in the face after Rock made a "GI Jane" crack about Smith's wife Jada Pinkett Smith's short haircut. Lest anyone think it was ...

Russian invasion takes Slava Vakarchuk to his most dangerous rock tour across Ukraine

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"The most effective way for me was to use my popularity to inspire people and boost the morale of those who fight for our country. I wanted to be useful," says Vakarchuk who, for the last month, has been performing i...

Belgian farmer made France smaller by accident when he moved a rock: Reporte

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That’s what a Belgian farmer learned after he moved a sizable stone that constantly disrupted his tractor’s path. Pero, it turned out the rock was actually a marker that served as a divider for France and Belgium, acc ...

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