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A$AP Rocky says he and Rihanna are dating, calls her the ‘love of my life

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US rapper A$ AP Rocky has confirmed that he and Rihanna are dating following years of rumors about the pair's relationship. A$ AP Rocky -- whose real name is Rakim Mayers -- told GQ magazine that Rihanna is "il l ...

Prince Philip supported Princess Diana during her rocky marriage to Prince Charles, dice l'autore

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Her father-in-law, Principe Filippo, was initially taken with the Princess of Wales and was willing to provide support as she navigated her new role. Nel 1981, Diana married Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne...

This lava planet has ‘rockyweather and winds many times the speed of sound

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If you thought life on Earth during a pandemic was tough, imagine living on a lava planet, thrashed by violent weather, with rocks literally raining down and the wind howling at thousands of miles per hour. That's t...

Tim Curry si unirà a 'Rocky Horror’ live streaming per aiutare i Democratici

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Facciamo di nuovo la distorsione temporale. Tim Curry si unirà ad alcuni dei suoi compagni "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" membri del cast per un live streaming a beneficio del Partito Democratico del Wisconsin, secondo un comunicato stampa. È j ...

Rocky Mountain National Park rangers are searching for a hiker missing for more than two weeks

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Park rangers are searching for a missing hiker at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. Officials believe that Steven Grunwald, 24, from Greenville, New York, was attempting the Glacier Gorge Traverse on August ...

Forrest Fenn, who sent explorers on a famed Rocky Mountain treasure hunt, muore a 90

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Forrest Fenn, whose 10-year treasure hunt inspired thousands of people to explore out West, è morto, police confirmed to CNN. È stato 90. Fenn died of apparent natural causes at his home in New Mexico, Santa Fe Pol...