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Brett Favre o Aaron Rodgers? Il grande Donald Driver di Packers pesa

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Il grande Donald Driver di Packers ha avuto la fortuna di giocare con entrambi. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Driver, che ha giocato la sua intera carriera di 14 anni con i Packers da 1999-2012, detiene il record di tutti i tempi del franchise..

Danica Patrick on how Aaron Rodgers split taught her a lot about heartbreak

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The former race car driver, 38, continued her life in the fast lane when she appeared on National Geographic's "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" and told the survivalist that she learned a ton about herself during the ...

'Pericolo!’ guest host Aaron Rodgershilarious reaction to failed Green Bay Packers clue

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The NFL quarterback has been guest-hosting the popular game show all week as it continues to hunt for a permanent replacement for Alex Trebek, who died in November after a lengthy battle with stage 4 pancreatic cance...

Aaron Rodgers hints he would host ‘Jeopardy!’ permanently if asked

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The NFL star is one of many guest hosts tapped to run the show in the absence of its late longtime regular host, Alex Trebek. Trebek died in November 2020 after battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer for more than a year...

Shailene Woodley calls ‘Jeopardy!’ guest host Aaron Rodgers ‘super sexy’ in man bun

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The actress shared a video to her Instagram Stories on Monday, shouting out the current NFL MVP from the passenger seat of a car as he drives rocking a pair of aviator-style shades. "I have a very important announcem...

'Pericolo!’ contestant trolls guest host and Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers about NFC championship loss

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was momentarily left speechless when he hosted "Pericolo!" in the show that aired Monday. Nel "Final Jeopardy" il giro, the category was daytime TV personalities, and con...

Aaron Rodgers on Packers future: ‘I don’t know that a lot of that is in my hands

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Rodgers told ESPN the future is as hazy as ever as he enters the potential final season with the team. Rodgers has an out before the start of the 2022 stagione. "Finora, it’s definitely been my team. I said last year I...

Shailene Woodley confirms that she and Aaron Rodgers are engaged

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Shailene Woodley has confirmed that she and football star Aaron Rodgers are indeed engaged. The actress addressed the news during an interview with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night. "sì, we are engaged," Woodley said....

Aaron Rodgers rivela che ospiterà un episodio di 'Jeopardy!’

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Crescendo, Il quarterback dei Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers lo idolatrava "Pericolo!" ospite Alex Trebek. Adesso, può prendere il suo posto per una notte come ospite nel popolare game show. Trebek è morto a novembre 9, 2020 a...

Il quarterback Aaron Rodgers promette $500,000 per aiutare le piccole imprese

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Aaron Rodgers sta mostrando il suo lato caritatevole lanciando $ 500,000 al fondo Barstool, un'organizzazione senza scopo di lucro che aiuta le piccole imprese alle prese con la pandemia. Il presidente di Barstool Dave Portnoy ha ospitato il Gr ...