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South Korea rolls out the KF-21, joining elite group of global supersonic fighter jet makers

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Seoul South Korea unveiled its homegrown supersonic jet fighter on Friday, joining an exclusive club of military aviation giants and setting the stage for a $ 5.2 billion program it hopes will be a top export driver...

Biden administration rolls back Trump-era citizenship civics test

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The Biden administration is rolling back the controversial Trump-era naturalization civics test, reverting to a prior version of the exam, according to a policy alert published Monday. US Citizenship and Immigratio...

Guyana rolls back plan to open Taiwan office after Beijing criticizes ‘mistake

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Guyana abruptly terminated an agreement with Taiwan to open an office in the South American country on Thursday after China urged them to "correct their mistake." Earlier on Thursday, Taiwan's foreign ministry announ...

VSA stel nuwe Sirië-sanksies in werking wat die Siriese presidentsvrou en haar gesin tref

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Die Trump-administrasie het Dinsdag aangekondig dat hy sanksies oplê 18 individue en entiteite -- insluitend die vrou van die Siriese president Bashar al-Assad en van haar onmiddellike familielede, die bevelvoerder van die ...

Lego rolls out Colosseum, a model of the Roman amphitheater with over 9,000 pieces

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Lego has officially rolled out Colosseum -- the largest Lego brick set in history and a detailed reproduction of Rome's famous oval amphitheatre. Bad news: it's already out of stock. Die model, which Lego released ...

‘Fargostars Chris Rock in a mob tale that rolls along a bit too slowly

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Three years after its last edition, "Fargo" returns with Chris Rock and Jason Schwartzman in key against-type roles, and an enticing mob story with the texture of a graphic novel. Yet it unfolds at such a languid, a ...