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Taylor Swift’s melancholy and romantic ‘Folklorewins album of the year

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Di Taylor Swift "Folklore" captured the mood of many in 2020, and on Sunday the collection of melancholy and romantic songs won the Grammy for album of the year. "It's an album that allows you to feel your feelings a...

‘Locked Downturns quarantine into a romantic heist movie for the Covid time capsule

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Anyone who has felt their relationship tested by quarantine (no need to raise hands, we see you) will at least partially relate to "Chiuso," which takes the idea of a couple trapped by those circumstances, then...

Democratic Senate candidate in North Carolina confirms romantic texts with woman who isn’t his wife

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Democratic candidate Cal Cunningham apologized Friday for sending romantic text messages to a woman who is not his wife, a disclosure that could shake up the hotly contested North Carolina Senate race in its final w...