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Baylor Romney aiuta No. 15 BYU sopravvive a sud della Florida 35-27

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Romney ha lanciato per il massimo della carriera 305 yard e tre touchdown per guidare No. 15 BYU ad a 35-27 vittoria sul sud della Florida sabato sera. Tyler Allgeier ha corso per 81 yard e un paio di touchdown per aiutare i Cougars e...

What Mitt Romney nails about the removal of Liz Cheney

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In a single sentence on Monday night, Mitt Romney explained why the planned removal of Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership position in the House on Wednesday is such a giant mistake for Republicans. "Expelli...

Mitt Romney goes to bat for Liz Cheney amid threats to remove her from GOP leadership

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In un tweet, Romney praised Cheney for being a "person of conscience" perché lei "refuses to lie" about the events that occurred at the U.S. Capitol a gennaio. 6. Cheney has also continued to criticize former President ...

Collins says she was ‘appalledUtah Republicans booed Romney and GOP not led by ‘just one person

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Suo. Susan Collins said Sunday that she was "appalled" to see fellow Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was booed by members of his state party for his votes to convict Donald Trump during the former President's impeachmen...

Romney receives JFK ‘Profile in Courageaward for impeachment vote

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Washington repubblicano Sen. Mitt Romney is this year's recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award for being the lone GOP senator to stand up to then-President Donald Trump in his first impeachment trial...

Romney treated at hospital after fall over the weekend but ‘doing better

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Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney had bruised eyes and wounds on his lips on Capitol Hill Monday, telling reporters that he "took a fall" while visiting his grandchildren in Boston over the weekend. Romney said he wa...

Quello che Mitt Romney ha * esattamente * giusto su Donald Trump

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Mitt Romney non è un fan di Donald Trump. Infatti, il senatore repubblicano dello Utah potrebbe essere il critico più eminente del 45 ° presidente all'interno del GOP. Mitt Romney è anche un realista politico. Ecco perché ha detto ...

Quello che Mitt Romney ha ottenuto esattamente sui fallimenti del Partito Repubblicano

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Mitt Romney è l'unica persona al Senato che sa cosa sta passando Donald Trump. Romney, come Trump, ha perso un'elezione generale presidenziale e conosce il pungiglione e la ricerca interiore che segue a tale rifiuto..

Mitt Romney calls Trump’s attempt to overturn Michigan election ‘undemocratic

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Two prominent Republican senators on Thursday ripped President Donald Trump's attempt to overturn the results of the presidential election in Michigan, with one going so far as to call the President's strategy "unde...

Romney cites Trump’s rhetoric as he denounces ‘vilestate of American politics

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Washington repubblicano Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah on Tuesday issued a strong rebuke of the current tone of American politics saying they have become "a vile, vituperative, hate-filled morass" and roundly criticizing Pre...

Mitt Romney backing of Supreme Court vote paves way for election-year confirmation

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GOP You. Mitt Romney of Utah signaled on Tuesday that he is on board with the Senate's taking up a new Supreme Court nominee during the current election year, an announcement that all but ensures a nominee put forwa...