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Pete Rose dismisses questions over statutory rape claims in return to Philadelphia: ‘It was 55 anni fa, piccola’

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Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader Pete Rose returned to the field in Philadelphia for the first time since receiving a lifetime ban from baseball in 1989. Di domenica, the 81-year-old was a part of the cel...

Sofia Vergara si gira 50: Uno sguardo a come la star è diventata famosa a Hollywood

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L'ascesa alla fama dell'attrice e modella colombiana a Hollywood è diversa dalle altre celebrità. Dall'essere stata avvicinata su una spiaggia in Colombia per uno spot della Pepsi all'essere l'attrice più pagata al mondo 2...

Il tasso di natalità negli Stati Uniti è leggermente aumentato 2021 dopo un forte calo nel primo anno di pandemia, I dati del CDC mostrano

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Le prime speculazioni secondo cui la pandemia di Covid-19 potrebbe portare a un baby boom sono state ribaltate, con i primi dati che mostrano più di un busto del bambino -- e tassi di peggioramento di alcuni esiti avversi. Dopo una ripida discesa ...

La leggenda della MLB Pete Rose sulle scommesse sportive: «Sono arrivato nel momento sbagliato’

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Chad Withrow di OutKick 360 ha chiesto a Rose cosa ne pensasse del netto contrasto nell'atteggiamento nei confronti delle scommesse sportive ora e durante il suo periodo nel baseball. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . Pietro Rosa #14 di...

Murders rose 5% nel 2021 rispetto a 2020; 44% rispetto a 2019: studia

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C'erano 218 more murders in the 22 cities in 2021 — a 44% increase compared to 2019, representing nearly 1,300 additional lives lost since three years ago, according to updated findings from the Council on Crimina...

No. 7 Lo stato dell'Ohio sopravvive a No. 10 Utah a Rose Bowl

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I Buckeyes hanno fatto ancora a malapena abbastanza per tenere a bada il resiliente Utah e il suo quarterback di riserva in uno spettacolare Rose Bowl. Stroud ha concluso la sua giornata offensiva da record guidando un drive di 56 yard che termina con Noah Ruggle..

Betty White’s funniest ‘Golden Girlsmoments as Rose Nylund

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tuttavia, throughout her years on the screen, her role as Rose Nylund on "Le ragazze d'oro" stands out as a bright spot on her dazzling resume. The famed sitcom saw White star as one of four older women living togethe...

Rose McGowan’s lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein dismissed after failing to meet court deadline

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According to court documents viewed by Fox News Digital, Judge Otis D. Wright in the central district of California dismissed McGowan’s case with prejudice on Dec. 6, meaning it can not be brought up again at a later...

ex rappresentante. Max Rose to run again for the House seat in New York he lost in 2020

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Former Democratic Rep. Max Rose announced he will run again for the US House seat he lost in 2020 after a single term to Republican Rep. Nicole Malliotakis, who serves the New York district that includes Staten Isla...

No. 14 Utah beats No. 10 Oregon 38-10 for 1st Rose Bowl bid

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The past year marked by tragedy following the deaths of Ty Jordan and Aaron Lowe will end with the long-coveted Rose Bowl bid. Devin Lloyd returned an interception for a touchdown, Cam Rising threw for another score ...

Slash on his new album, his relationship with Axl Rose and being a Halloween costume

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Slash says the recording of his latest album was "quite an adventure" e "a memorable experience." "We went in and we did this album live," he told CNN in a recent interview. "We did it in about five days. It was a...

Kamaru Usman and Rose Namajunas retain their titles at UFC 268

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Welterweight champion Kamaru Usman defeated Colby Covington by unanimous decision early Sunday at UFC 268 at New York's Madison Square Garden. Considered one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in mixed martial ar...

Knicks’ Derrick Rose plans on playing for a long time: ‘I’m going to try to Tom Brady this thing

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Now a member of the Knicks, Rose flourished as a member of the Bulls, when he became the youngest MVP in NBA history. But Rose eventually fought through knee injuries that altered his career. Derrick Rose o...

Ruby Rose alleges unsafe working conditions on ‘Batwoman’ impostato

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Ruby Rose says unsafe working conditions and a toxic culture on the CW series "Batwoman" led to their departure from the show in 2020. Rose played superhero Kate Kane for one season. The Australian actor, who ident...

Ruby Rose was fired from ‘Batwomanbecause of ‘multiple complaints about workplace behavior,’ WBTV says

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"Despite the revisionist history that Ruby Rose is now sharing online aimed at the producers, the cast and crew, the network, and the Studio, the truth is that Warner Bros. Television had decided not to exercise its ...

MLB legend Pete Rose blasts Yankees, Joey Gallo: ‘Ray Charles wouldn’t strike out that much

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In a recent interview with USA Today, Rose spoke about the New York Yankees and the team’s AL Wild Card loss to the Boston Red Sox. Rose blasted the team’s lineup, specifically slugger Joey Gallo. CLICCA QUI PER ALTRO...