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Florida judge favors pre-dawn partying in rowdy South Beach

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Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Circuit Judge Beatrice Butchko said in a hearing on Monday that the city commission’s vote to approve the law wasn’t properly executed. The new law aimed at curbing the late-night partying on...

14 passengers banned by airline after rowdy DC to Seattle flight

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Alaska Airlines banned more than a dozen passengers this week for not complying to its mask mandate and for harassing staff members. Die 14 passengers were banned from flying with the airline after they were "non-ma...

NASCAR'S William 'Rowdy’ Harrell en sy vrou sterf in 'n motorongeluk tydens hul wittebrood

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'N NASCAR-putbemanningslid en sy nuwe vrou is dood in 'n motorongeluk in die Florida Keys terwyl hulle hul wittebrood gevier het. William "Rowdy" Harrell, 30, was 'n bandedraer vir Hendrick Motorsports. He and his wif...