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Mark Steyn: US may not be a monarchy, but people like ‘Prince Hunterget inequitably ‘royal’ behandeling

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Steyn, a Canadian native of Scottish descent, noted that monarchies in-name are often derided because of their definitive political power structure. Egter, when world leaders and elite figures act as monarchs witho...

'Die kroon’ Seisoen 4 trailer previews a royal wedding

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Once upon a time, "Die kroon" Seisoen 4 trailer made us lose our minds. That was this morning. In the newly released sneak peek at the new season of Netflix's crown jewel, viewers are given their first peek at the ...

Prince Harry’s return to the UK sparks hope for a royal reconciliation, bron sê: ‘Fingers crossed’

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The Duke of Sussex was originally supposed to return in July to join his older brother Prince William for the statue unveiling honoring their late mother Princess Diana. She would have turned 60 on July 1. Egter, t ...

British royal family documentary, ‘bannedfor decades, is leaked onto YouTube

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London An infamous 1969 fly-on-the-wall documentary about the British royal family, supposedly banned by Queen Elizabeth II for decades for giving the public an overly intimate view of the royals, has been mysterious...

Buckingham Palace sê die koninklike familie is 'hartseer’ in die eerste verklaring sedert Harry en Meghan onderhoude gevoer het

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Die Britse koninklike familie is "bedroef" om te hoor hoe uitdagend die afgelope paar jaar vir prins Harry en sy vrou Meghan was, die beskuldigings van rassisme deur die egpaar in 'n onderhoud met Oprah W. genoem..

A Jordanian royal family member and the former head of the royal court have been arrested

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Jordanian royal family member Hassan bin Zaid and former head of the royal court Basem Awadallah were arrested on Saturday due to "security reasons," according to state media Petra. Petra did not offer additional de...

‘Kom 2 Amerika’ first look images tease royal returns

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"Kom 2 Amerika" is going back to Queens. In some first-look photos released on Thursday, King Akeem (Eddie Murphy) reunites with Semmi (Arsenio-saal) as they travel from their beloved Zamunda back to Queens, New...

The former King of Belgium’s love child is suing for royal status

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The love child of the former king of Belgium, Albert II, is asking a court to grant her royal status, months after she was recognized as his fourth child. Terug in Januarie, Albert's lawyers acknowledged that Delphin...

Former Belgian king meets daughter for first time since she became a royal

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The former king of Belgium, Albert II, has met with his once-secret daughter, Princess Delphine, for the first time since she was recognized as a royal, after years of legal battles forced the ex-monarch to finally ...

Royal family members share unseen photos of Prince Philip with great-grandkids

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Members of the British royal family took to social media on Wednesday and shared never-before-seen photos of the Duke of Edinburgh with his children and many great-grandchildren. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II ...

Piers Morgan wants to ask Meghan Markle ‘more difficult questionsfollowing accusations against royal family

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The television personality, 56, made headlines about a month ago when he offered intense criticism of Markle and Prince Harry's claims made against the royal family in their tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. Die...

Michelle Obama says it ‘wasn’t a complete surpriseto hear Meghan Markle talk of racism in the royal family

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For many people of color, hearing Meghan Markle speak about racism within the royal family was, though shocking, not exactly surprising. And one of those people was former first lady Michelle Obama. In an interview ...

A 26-year-old is first woman to win Royal Academy of Engineering’s Africa Prize for innovation

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A 26-year-old from Ivory Coast has won the 2020 Royal Academy of Engineering's Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. Charlette N'Guessan is the first woman to win the award, which could revolutionize cyber securi...

Jordan’s king breaks silence after royal drama grips the country

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Amman Jordan's King has broken his silence about a royal family fallout that rattled the country, calling the episode the "most painful" of his 22-year reign. The saga began over the weekend, when Jordanian authorit...

Belgium’s new princess ‘not expecting anythingfrom royal family

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BRUSSELS (Reuters) - An artist who won a legal battle to prove that Belgium's former King Albert II is her father said on Monday she was not expecting anything from her new family, after a court last week made her a ...

Prince Philip ‘thought extremely fondly’ of Prince Harry despite royal tensions, bron eise

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"Philip and Harry had a very close relationship," a palace source told Us Weekly on Thursday. "… Philip thought extremely fondly of his grandson and vice versa." The Duke of Edinburgh passed away on April 9 op ouderdom 99...

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