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New rule will allow 18-year-olds to drive semi trucks across state lines

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(CNN Business)With the trucking industry facing a shortage of qualified drivers, the US government is setting up an apprenticeship program for young truckers. The new program will allow people as young as 18 to driv...

Biden’s rule mandating free coverage for COVID test came with no warning, will take weeks to implement: reporte

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La regla, which takes effect this Saturday, requires private insurers to cover the costs of in-home tests but a New York Times report this week says that many insurers aren’t in a position to meet those requirements ...

Assad’s regime on trial for crimes against humanity. The court is about to rule on most senior official yet

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Koblenz, Germany A German court is set to rule on the case of a Syrian colonel accused of committing crimes against humanity on Thursday, in the first-ever torture trial against President Bashar al-Assad's regime. Un...

Psychedelic-laced beer may have helped this ancient South American empire rule

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Suscríbase al boletín de ciencia Wonder Theory de CNN. Explora el universo con noticias sobre descubrimientos fascinantes., avances científicos y más. Beer laced with hallucinogenic drugs derived from plant seeds may hav...

El líder de la minoría de la Cámara de Representantes, McCarthy, critica la "regla de partido único" por el aumento de COVID, 'economía paralizada'

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También criticó a la administración Biden por haber "sin responsabilidad," destacando que los republicanos de la Cámara en 2022 será capaz de sostener la administración y los demócratas "responsable y hacer que Estados Unidos vuelva a estar en el camino correcto..

Arizona AG se prepara para la pelea de la Corte Suprema con el administrador de Biden sobre la regla de la era Trump sobre los inmigrantes, bienestar

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La administración Trump introdujo la "Cargo público" gobernar en 2019 y trató de ampliar la definición de carga pública, restringir a los inmigrantes legales que probablemente dependan de la asistencia social para que no reciban ...

Corte Suprema: Sotomayor niega que la regla de Biden sea un mandato de vacunación, a pesar del lenguaje claro de OSHA

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"There's no requirement here. It's not a vaccine mandate. It's something totally different. And I don't know how much clearer than six fifty-one Congress could have been," Sotomayor dijo durante los alegatos orales. SU...

Florida AG torches Biden’s ‘disastrousimmigration policy: ‘No longer a nation under rule of law

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SURGE OF MIGRANTS CROSSING INTO US CREATES LOGISTICS NIGHTMARE FOR BORDER AGENTS ASHLEY MOODY: Absolutamente, you are seeing calamitous, disastrous effects of this administration's policies. Sabes, someone should ask...

Police won’t rule out DNA to solve 1996 JonBenet killing

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The 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her family’s Boulder home on Dec. 26, 1996, bludgeoned and strangled, several hours after her mother called 911 to say her daughter was missing, and a ransom note had ...

El alcalde de DC Bowser no descarta restablecer el mandato de las máscaras mientras los casos de COVID-19 se disparan en el distrito

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Alcalde Demócrata de Washington, CORRIENTE CONTINUA., Muriel Bowser, dijo a los periodistas el viernes que no está del todo en contra de volver a un mandato de máscara, citando preocupaciones con la variante omicron de COVID-19. "Estaré teniendo muy en ...

Matthew McConaughey won’t rule out running for office after deciding against Texas governor campaign

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The actor appeared on Wednesdays’ episode of the "Hoy dia" show where he spoke with host Hoda Kotb about his upcoming voice role in the new animated comedy "Sing 2." While promoting the film, the conversation turned to...

Former Afghan women’s soccer captain describes ‘nightmareTaliban rule after escape: ‘They are traumatized

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AFGHAN WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM ESCAPES TALIBAN CONTROL, THANKS TO SOME POWERFUL TEAMMATES Popal joined "zorro & Amigos primero" on Thursday to discuss her role in helping the players, some family members, and coaches fl...

Afghan prime minister defends Taliban’s rule amid crisis

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The half-hour audio played on state-run media was the first such public address by Mohammed Hassan Akhund since the Taliban captured Kabul and secured their rule over the country three months ago. The Taliban takeove...

Judge denies Trump’s overnight request for injunction in executive privilege case, still needs to rule on main case

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Former President Donald Trump's latest procedural attempt to keep secret documents from his presidency about the January 6 insurrection quickly failed overnight. Trump late on Monday night had asked Judge Tanya Chut...

Chorros’ Robert Saleh doesn’t rule out Mike White as long-term starter: ‘Anything is possible

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Saleh told reporters following Sunday’s 34-31 upset over the Cincinnati Bengals that White will be the starter in Week 8, with Wilson likely still recovering from his knee injury. When asked if White could potentiall...

Miami commissioners pass controversial new rule banning homeless encampments on public property

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Commissioners also passed a resolution requiring the Miami city manager to develop an "Adopt-A-Homeless Person Assistance Program" that would compensate residents for providing shelter to those experiencing homelessn...

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