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Ben Simmons trade rumors begin to swirl after 76ers star’s poor performance in playoffs

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Simmons finished Game 7 with five points on 2-of-4 shooting from the field. Hy het bygevoeg 13 assists and eight rebounds, but his lack of aggressiveness was noted. Shaquille O’Neal was one of the loudest critics after the ...

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot blasts Bears football team over relocating rumors

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Ligvoet, a self-declared "longtime" waaier, issued a statement slamming the announcement as just "noise." JAY CUTLER FEELING POSSIBLE NEUROLOGICAL EFFECTS OF PLAYING FOOTBALL: ‘CTE IS ING AT SOME POINT’ "The Bear...

Matthew McConaughey speaks out against mask hesitancy amid rumors he’s running for Texas governor

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The Oscar-winning actor has been teasing for months now that he is considering running for governor against incumbent candidate Gov. Greg Abbott in Texas. During a recent appearance on "The Carlos Watson Show," die A...

Tiffany Haddish reacts to rumors she’s replacing Ellen DeGeneres on talk show

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Daytime television has been a popular place for celebrity talk shows to find success with "Die Kelly Clarkson Show" en "Die Drew Barrymore Show" both finding decent audiences each week. While many names are being to...

Emma Watson slams media amid Leo Robinton engagement rumors: ‘Ways to create clicks’

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"Dear Fans, Rumours about whether I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is ‘dormant or not’ are ways to create clicks each time they are revealed to be true or untrue," die "Harry Potter" aktrise, 31, tweeted on M...

Mia Farrow addresses ‘vicious rumorsabout the past deaths of her children

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Mia Farrow is usually very private, but she is speaking out on the deaths of her three late children, Tam, Lark and Thaddeus. In the wake of the debut of HBO's "Allen v. Farrow," there has been online discussion abo...

Japan determined to hold Tokyo Olympics say organizers despite cancellation rumors

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Tokyo The Japanese government is determined that the Tokyo Olympics will go ahead, organizers said Friday, following an unconfirmed report that a cancellation of the Games might be imminent. Op Vrydag, the Times of ...