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Runaway inflation leads to people ‘voting with their wallets’: Larry Glazer

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Host Sandra Smith noted how much of the Republican-leaning part of the country is feeling a higher percentage of inflation on a per-state basis than the Northeast and West Coast, but that many key 2022 states includi...

Most dangerous virus? Biden’s runaway government spending

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Ahora, fast-forward 37 años después. The budget today is nowhere close to $ 1 trillón. En 2021, President Joe Biden's first year in office, the federal spending came in at just under $ 7 trillón ($ 6.81 trillón, t ...

Media hail runaway Texas Democrats for blocking action on voting

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If ever there was a story—okay, a non-Trump story—that dramatized how the political press takes sides, it is the spectacle of Texas Democratic lawmakers blocking action by high-tailing it out of the Lone Star State. ...