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Tractor runs over and kills woman sleeping on California beach

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A woman sleeping on a beach in Oceanside, Kalifornië, has died after being run over by a piece of construction equipment, het die polisie aan CNN gesê. The driver of a Caterpillar wheel loader was removing pipes from a dredging ...

Texas man sets record, runs from Disneyland to Disney World for Type 1 diabetes awareness: ‘Surreal

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One determined man in Texas makes history as the first person to run from Disneyland to Disney World, completing the grueling challenge to raise awareness for Type 1 suikersiekte. Don Muchow of Plano achieved a dream on ...

Meer as 400 people stranded after ferry runs aground in Finland

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Sommige 331 passasiers en 98 crew members are stranded after the MS Viking Grace, a large passenger ferry, ran aground Saturday afternoon off the coast of Mariehamn, in the Finnish archipelago of the Aland Islands, ac ...

Fan in pink one-piece runs on field during Super Bowl LV

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An unidentified fan ran onto the field at Super Bowl LV and interrupted the game right as it was winding down during its fourth quarter. The fan, who sported a pink one-piece bathing suit and black shorts, appeared ...

Container ship runs aground in Suez Canal causing traffic jam

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Seven tug boats have come to the aid of a container ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal on Tuesday and blocked other vessels from transiting one of the world's most important waterways. Shiptracking data on Refin...

'N Pa van Ohio loop sy eerste marathon in die hospitaal vir 'n 4-jarige seun met kanker

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Daar was twee gedagtes wat Kolt Codner in sy eerste marathonwedloop vorentoe gedruk het: sy 4-jarige seun Andrew se stryd teen kanker en die hospitaal wat hom sorg bied. Codner, van Pole, Ohio, gehardloop 26.2 kilometers is daar ...