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‘Fatigue is a factor’: Political exhaustion weighs on voters in rural Wisconsin

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Viroqua, Wisconsin In an electorate that agrees on little, there is one thing that nearly every voter here in Southwest Wisconsin feels: Exhaustion. That fatigue with politics, aimed primarily at President Donald Tr...

Doctor drives three hours to get Covid-19 vaccine to rural Michigan hospital

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A Michigan doctor and his silver pickup truck are playing a key role in getting the Covid-19 vaccine to remote parts of the state. Dr. Richard Bates drove almost 150 miles earlier this month to take a cooler carryin...

Unknown vandals shot a historical marker for Jackie Robinson and another for lynching victims in rural Georgia

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Daar is verby 2,300 historical markers in Georgia, a few dozen of which belong to the state's Civil Rights Trail, devoted to events and locations that impacted the Civil Rights movement. Two of those signs were fo...

Police seek suspect after human remains discovered in rural southern Colorado

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Denver Colorado authorities have issued a warrant for homicide in connection with the discovery of human remains in rural southern Colorado, het die polisie Woensdag gesê. Local and state authorities announced they had found...

Trump needs this pivotal county and its rural voters to win Pennsylvania

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Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania Women and men of all ages arrive well before opening. It is midmorning in the middle of the week, but a lengthy line of people patiently waiting forms outside a country home painted ...