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Las fuerzas ucranianas se retiran de la ciudad oriental de Sievierodonetsk para evitar ser rodeadas por los rusos.

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Las tropas rusas han estado bombardeando implacablemente la ciudad., que es el centro administrativo de la región de Lugansk, y los ucranianos se retiran para evitar el cerco. Rusia controla todo 95% de Lugansk...

rusos, Ukrainians fight block by block in eastern city

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Military analysts painted the fight for Sievierodonetsk as part of a race against time for the Kremlin. The city is key to Russian efforts to complete the capture of the eastern industrial region of the Donbas quickl...

Soldado estadounidense entrenó a infantes de marina ucranianos con jabalinas: sin práctica y un 'Ave María’ para luchar contra los rusos

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"Usé una variedad de armas antiblindaje, pero los tontos eran de última generación cuando salí del servicio," Hayward le dijo a Fox News Digital. "No tenía experiencia con Javelin en absoluto." EMBAJADOR DE EE.UU. DE FINLANDIA ...

Ukrainian town defies the Russians as residents come home and vow, ‘We will win

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Officials say over 450 residents were murdered in cold blood by Russian forces, and many more were injured. Others are terrorized and forced to live in basements to save their skins during the five-week Russian post-...

Capitán militar ucraniano habla desde las 'catacumbas de la mina de acero Mariupol'’ rodeado de rusos

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"Amigos" co-host Brian Kilmeade said that, gracias en parte a otros miembros del personal de Fox News y a un intérprete, Capitán. Bogdan Krotevich was able to give a report on the current situation in the besieged city on the eas...

Drone footage shows how Russians destroyed one Ukrainian town in savage battle

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A 22-minute video shot by a surveillance drone over the Ukrainian town of Popasna has illustrated the stunning destruction being inflicted on settlements across the eastern regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. It's also...

Reflexiones de un ruso desde el exilio en Georgia

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He is one of the thousands of Russians who fled to neighboring Georgia in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine and around the time that Russia criminalized independent war reporting. Grafiti a un lado, Loshak says he i...

US says three Russians offered congressman a free trip as part of a propaganda and disinformation campaign

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Federal prosecutors in New York on Thursday unsealed an indictment charging a member of Russia's legislature and two of his staffers with orchestrating a propaganda and disinformation campaign targeting US lawmakers...

200 Russians sent packing following espionage accusations in Europe

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The French, mientras tanto, have opened three probes into potential war crimes against some of their nationals in Ukraine, on top of the investigation relating to the killing of Fox News cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski outsid...

‘Crazy Rich Russians’: Inside Putin’s $700M superyacht and the oligarchsstolen wealth

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In the Fox Nation special "Crazy Rich Russians," financial experts Stuart Varney and Heather Zumarraga delve into the unimaginable riches of Russian oligarchs – but beyond all the glitz and glamour lies a story of st...

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Panetta on Biden’s remarks: ‘Up to the Russians who their leader will be

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Panetta told host Neil Cavuto that it should be up to the Russian people who their leader should be. LEON PANETTA, FORMER CIA DIRECTOR: I think the bottom line is that the Russians will determine who their leader is ...

Russians reportedly panic-buying amid food shortage concerns due to Ukraine invasion

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Western sanctions and airspace bans imposed on Russia have caused the country's economy to tank, sparking fears of food shortages among civilians. "Russians have absolutely no need to run to the shops and buy up buck...

Russians were go-to movie villains in the 1980s. What a new Cold War might bring

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How will the promise of a second Cold War impact the portrayal of Russia in movies and television? To see a glimpse of what could be in the future it's worth looking to the past, and what Americans were watching in ...

Bill Maher rips cancel culture ‘lumpingRussians with Putin: If they weren’t White, we’d call that ‘racism

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"Do you think we're, un, lumping the Russians too much with their government?" Maher asked the show's panelists during Friday night's "Overtime" segmento. "I feel like in this country what we're doing now, todo ...

Ukrainian teen in viral TikTok fleeing Kyiv says Russians convinced ‘the war isn’t real’: ‘I was there

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When Russia first invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, Lysova, like many Gen Zers, took to TikTok. But she didn’t expect to garner more than 16 million views on a video of herself dancing around in a bathrobe in her kitchen t...

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