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Ned Ryun: You expect stupid people to say stupid things, and AOC ‘never disappoints

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NED RYUN: En primer lugar, you expect stupid people to say stupid things, and Comrade Cortez never disappoints. quiero decir, this sounds like pure hell. quiero decir, a poor, single woman living on an income that's three times the...

Biden’s push for more government spending, more regulation will be ‘jet fuel’ sobre la inflación: Ryun

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NED RYUN: I don't think we're anywhere near the bottom, desafortunadamente, Voluntad. When you hear Biden saying that his solution to solving inflation is more government spending, more regulation. quiero decir, these will be jet fuel on i...

Biden arrives in Pittsburgh as bridge collapses, exposing his ‘infrastructurelaw as ‘Orwellian lie’: Ryun

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The timing of the collapse as the president who proclaimed "infraestructura" a top priority was not the optics the White House was hoping for, American Majority CEO Ned Ryun told "Tucker Carlson esta noche" later Friday....

Ned Ryun: Early Colonial days show US was founded in self-governance over any particular ideology

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Ryun, founder of American Majority, told host Tucker Carlson that the early settlers in New England brought ideas that created a new system of self-governance, in contrast to the English system of monarchy. The attri...