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Sacramento sheriff: Downtown shooting that killed six is result of ‘treating criminals like victims

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Just weeks later, he and his brother, 26-year-old Dandrae Martin, were allegedly involved in a gang shootout in downtown Sacramento in the early morning hours of April 3 that left six people dead and another dozen pe...

Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat: Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat’

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Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat, vrygestel in 2021, Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat 12 ander beseer. Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat 2018 aan 10 Lady Gaga-hondloper-skietverdagte is per ongeluk uit die tronk vrygelaat.

First Sacramento massacre suspect appears in court as investigation continues, more arrests expected

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Gunfire erupted around 2 am. in a neighborhood packed with bars and restaurants that had just announced last call. It may have followed a fight involving multiple people that broke out in the area, and investigators...

Aly & AJ ‘caught in the crossfireof Sacramento mass shooting: ‘We have to do something about gun violence

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The sisters explained they were "distraught" after the shooting, but confirmed everyone in their touring group was ok in an update made via Twitter. "Distraught by the mass shooting last night outside the venue in S...

Krygers’ Steve Kerr calls for tighter gun control following Sacramento shooting

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Kerr made his remarks after the Warriors defeated the Sacramento Kings 109-90 Sondagaand. A moment of silence was held for the victims of the shooting, which took place blocks away from the Golden 1 Sentrum. Poli ...

Sacramento police hunt for multiple suspects after mass shooting leaves six dead

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An urgent search is underway for multiple suspects after a shooting in downtown Sacramento, Kalifornië, left six people dead and 12 others injured early Sunday morning. "Investigators are working to identify those r...

Police investigating Sacramento explosions arrest 23-year-old man

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A 23-year-old man has been arrested in Sacramento, Kalifornië, in connection with two explosions in a neighborhood in the city, police said Sunday. Investigators served a search warrant on Saturday following an expl...

Sacramento Kings rout shorthanded Clippers 124-115

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Richaun Holmes had 16 punte en 11 rebounds as the Kings snapped a two-game skid and improved to 3-3 under interim coach Alvin Gentry after a 6-11 start that led to Luke Walton's firing last month. Sacramento also b...

Sacramento County advises vaccinated people wear masks indoors

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"Due to the recent day-over-day case rate increases of COVID-19 from the highly infectious Delta variant, the Sacramento County Public Health Officer strongly recommends masking indoors," a news release posted Thursd...

Extreme heat will soon kill nearly all young salmon in the Sacramento River, amptenare sê

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California officials anticipate nearly all juvenile chinook salmon in the Sacramento River could die due to abnormally hot underwater conditions as heat waves continue to bake the West. There will be a "near-comple...

Bill Maher mocks Caitlyn Jenner’s California governor bid: Taking the ‘sack out of Sacramento

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"I know that you think of her as a reality show star, but c'mon, mense, verander," Maher het gesê. "She is trans, rested and ready. She's got a great slogan, 'Take the sack out of Sacramento.'" After knocking the "stup...

'N Verdagte in die dodelike skietery in Sacramento in Vrydag is in hegtenis geneem, sê die polisie

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'N 18-jarige man is in hegtenis geneem in verband met die dood van twee mense op Vrydag in 'n winkelsentrum in die hoofstad van Kalifornië, polisie gesê. Damario Beck is Maandag in hegtenis geneem op die vermoede dat hy 'n ...

Een persoon dood, 'n ander een is in 'n kritieke toestand gehospitaliseer na die skietery in die winkelsentrum in Sacramento

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Een persoon is dood, en 'n ander een is in 'n kritieke toestand gehospitaliseer ná 'n skietery in 'n winkelsentrum in Sacramento, het die polisie Vrydagaand gesê. Beamptes het op die Arden Fair Mall gereageer na aanleiding van 'n verslag van skote wat aan die brand gesteek is..

Sacramento County declares racism a public health crisis

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Sacramento County this week became the latest local government to declare racism a public health crisis. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution that declared racism a...

Sacramento police officer fatally shoots a person who allegedly pointed a gun at a group of people

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A Sacramento police patrol sergeant shot and killed an armed suspect inside a warehouse Saturday night after the suspect allegedly pointed a gun at a crowd of people, het die polisie in 'n nuusverklaring gesê. Police responded...

9-year-old killed and 6-year-old injured in Sacramento drive-by shooting

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A nine-year old girl was killed in a drive-by shooting at a Sacramento park Saturday afternoon, polisie gesê. When officers arrived at Mama Marks Park around 1:10 nm. plaaslike tyd, they found the nine-year-old, along ...