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A large majority of driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey have nothing to do with traffic safety, studie bevind

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A new study suggests that in New Jersey, traffic safety violations are not the main reason for people getting their driver's licenses suspended. The findings, which will be published in the Journal of Transport &am...

A California Black Lives Matter chapter is fundraising to get some of its members trained in gun safety

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Black Lives Matter's Sacramento chapter wants to sponsor 10 Black people for gun safety training in an effort to keep its organization members safe. "As Black folks we have learned that we are running out of resourc...

Seniors are better at pandemic safety than young adults, CDC bevind

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Older Americans are better than younger adults at following the recommendations from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, volgens 'n nuwe opname. This discr...

Wildrehabilitator in New York kom op 'n beseerde swaan af, vervoer dit twee uur oor die stad na veiligheid

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Inwoner van die stad New York en Ariel Cordova-Rojas, rehabilitator vir wildlewe, het besluit sy wil haarself in die natuur verdiep 'n dag voordat sy draai 30, toe ry sy met haar fiets van Harlem na Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge verder ...

‘Safetytackles the old-fashioned sports movie on Disney+

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Anyone who has watched a lot of sports movies can practically read the formations, with football serving as its own overpopulated subgenre. "Safety" doesn't deviate from that game plan, but this fact-based Disney+ m...

Inauguration committee says Biden’s scaled-down swearing-in will include ‘vigorous health and safety protocols

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President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office at the US Capitol in January during a significantly scaled-down inauguration ceremony that will implement "vigorous he...

Founder of LGBTQI center shut down in Ghana says he fears for his safety

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A recently-opened center for the LGBTQI+ community in Ghana, has been shut down after it was raided by security forces in the West African country Wednesday. Alex Kofi Donkor, who heads the center named 'LGBT+ Righ...

Violations at ICE facility threatened the health and safety of detainees, watchdog report says

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Detainees at an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center in Arizona filed hundreds of grievances about mistreatment, including use-of-force incidents, according to a watchdog report obtained by CNN, wat ...

Fauci weighs in on COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnant women

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"Those studies are going to be done soon, and some are ongoing right now, but for pregnant women who have already taken it, after the emergency use authorization, there doesn’t seem to be any problem," Fauci gesê, in ...

Cesar Millan reveals why Biden family dog Major might be biting people: ‘There is no safety protocol

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MILAN: Animals do react from the energy in the environment. But this is a perfect example of not having a safety protocol to introduce dogs into the White House ... Accidents happen because there is no safety proto...

275 sheriffs sign letter to Biden on border crisis: ‘Reckless effortto put politics before safety

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TEXAS SHERIFF WARNS BORDER CRISIS STRETCHING POLICE RESOURCES: 'WE CAN'T SERVE OUR CITIZENS' THE WAY WE NEED THOMAS HODGSON: The sheriffs across this country are mobilizing. We really have made this point several tim...

‘Public safety crisis barreling toward usas cops leave jobs, former officer warns

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RANDY SUTTON: The area I want to talk about right now is the psychological and the emotional injuries that are taking place, because they are part and parcel of why cops are leaving at record levels. And it isn't jus...

Ford Bronco Sport scores highest safety rating in IIHS test

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The compact crossover has received the highest Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The Bronco Sport scored Good ratings across the board for crashworthiness, accident avoid...

California Cypress College-vakbond beweer dat die afvuur van 'n professor in die anti-cop 'n ysige uitwerking gehad het’ oor veiligheid op die werkplek

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Sy het die eis gemaak, voor 'n virtuele klas tweedejaarstudente, daardie roeping 911 tydens 'n gewapende huisinval sou haar lewe in gevaar stel. "United Faculty staan ​​in solidariteit met al ons fakulteit..

Tatis goes on injured list due to health, safety protocols

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Joining Tatis on the list were utility players Jurickson Profar and Jorge Mateo, the Padres announced Tuesday before their game at Colorado. San Diego was expected to make corresponding moves later in the day. KLIK ...

Target sal tydelik ophou om Pokémon- en sporthandelskaarte in winkels te verkoop weens veiligheidsprobleme

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Target het aangekondig dat hy tydelik sal ophou om handelskaarte te verkoop -- van beide die sportsoorte en Pokémon-verskeidenheid -- in winkels ná 'n onlangse gewelddadige dispuut op een van sy plekke. Verlede week, 'n teiken in Wis ...

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