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A large majority of driver’s license suspensions in New Jersey have nothing to do with traffic safety, studie bevind

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A new study suggests that in New Jersey, traffic safety violations are not the main reason for people getting their driver's licenses suspended. The findings, which will be published in the Journal of Transport &am...

Michael Goodwin: Dems’ crime surge – here’s the reason safety and policing finally have their attention

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The previous strategy, meaning before Monday, was a mix of denial and excuse-making, but it wasn’t working. How could it when thousands of people are getting shot and murdered, mostly in cities run by Democrats? Sommige ...

Alec Baldwin sê produksies moet polisiebeamptes aanstel om 'wapenveiligheid te monitor'’

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Alec Baldwin dink polisiebeamptes kan die beste geskik wees om film- en televisieproduksies te help om die veilige gebruik van wapens op stelle te monitor. "Elke film/TV-stel wat gewere gebruik, vals of andersins, moet 'n polisie hê...

For some Afghans, permission to leave comes too late as military veterans race to get them to safety

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"Dear Sir/Madam: Baie geluk! Your Chief of Mission () application was approved for the Afghan Special Immigration Visa program (SIV)." Khalidi was then told to submit his documents to the U.S. Citizenship and Im...

Ex-Seattle safety Earl Thomas arrested over protective order

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Dallas television station WFAA reported Thomas was arrested Friday in Orange, Texas, where he played high school football. The station reported the three-time All-Pro was recognized at a restaurant. KLIK HIER VIR MO ...

‘Public safety crisis barreling toward usas cops leave jobs, former officer warns

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RANDY SUTTON: The area I want to talk about right now is the psychological and the emotional injuries that are taking place, because they are part and parcel of why cops are leaving at record levels. And it isn't jus...

Colorado Springs mother, daughter escape Afghanistan to safety, family confirms

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Salma Kazemi, 24, and her mother, who are from Colorado Springs, were able to evacuate Afghanistan and made it safely to Qatar, a family spokesperson told Fox News on Friday morning. Kazemi and her mother traveled ea...

'Roes’ AD Dave Halls subpoenaed for interview about safety on set after dueling accounts emerge

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District Judge Bryan Biedscheid on Friday granted a request by the Occupational Health and Safety Bureau of the New Mexico Environment Department to issue a subpoena to Dave Halls, assistant director for the movie "R ...

Hyundai crushed the 2022 IIHS Top Safety Pick awards

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Hyundai, Kia and Genesis combined to put 21 vehicles on the 2022 IIHS Top Safety pick list, comprising better than 20 percent of the 101 motors, trucks and SUVs that made it. The Volvo XC40 Recharge all-elect...

Sonne’ Chris Paul enters NBA’s health and safety protocol as conference finals near: verslag doen

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The Phoenix Suns star will reportedly be out indefinitely as he entered the NBA’s health and safety protocols with Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals set for either Sunday or Tuesday. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORT ...

Vrou wat deur skoolveiligheidsbeampte geskiet is om van lewensondersteuning ontkoppel te word, familie sê

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'N 18-jarige vrou wat deur 'n skoolveiligheidsbeampte geskiet is na 'n onderonsie naby 'n Long Beach, Kalifornië, na verwagting sal die hoërskool hierdie naweek van lewensondersteuning losgemaak word, het haar gesin op 'n nuuskonferensie gesê..

NYPD to replace disbanded anti-crime unit with ‘Neighborhood Safety Teams’: verslag doen

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The plainclothes anti-crime unit, which sought to prevent gun violence in the city, was disbanded in June 2020 after several high-profile police encounters — including the May 2020 death of George Floyd and the 2014 ...

The US is rolling out the welcome mat for Ukrainian refugees, but turning away others seeking safety

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Groups of Ukrainian families at the US-Mexico border are getting the chance to do something most asylum-seeking migrants haven't been allowed to do for years: cross legally into the United States. A memo obtained by...

A California Black Lives Matter chapter is fundraising to get some of its members trained in gun safety

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Black Lives Matter's Sacramento chapter wants to sponsor 10 Black people for gun safety training in an effort to keep its organization members safe. "As Black folks we have learned that we are running out of resourc...

Amptenare van die Withuis begin Biden se omvattende sosiale veiligheidsnetplan vir bondgenote uitlê

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Amptenare van die Withuis het die inhoud begin uiteensit van president Joe Biden se omvattende plan om die sosiale veiligheidsnet vir sy bondgenote binne en buite die Kongres uit te brei terwyl hulle gereed maak om op Capitol Hill te trek..

Whistleblower gets record $24 million for exposing Hyundai and Kia’s safety lapses

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The US auto safety regulator announced on Tuesday its first-ever reward to a whistleblower, handing out more than $ 24 million to a former Hyundai employee who provided key information about safety lapses at the Sou...

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