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Prince Charles sails through high-stakes Canada trip

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A version of this story appeared in the May 20 uitgawe van CNN se Royal News, 'n weeklikse versending wat jou die binnespoor oor Brittanje se koninklike familie bring. Teken hier in. London Royal tours aren't always a success. Sin...

‘Vikings: Valhallasails onto Netflix with more bloody battles and epic scale

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"Wikings" turned out to be a remarkably durable concept, so much so that they could kill off the main character and trudge onward through the mud and muck. Sailing from History channel to Netflix, "Wikings: Valhalla...

US sails ship through South China Sea days after China institutes new maritime ID rules

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A US destroyer sailed near the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea on Wednesday, the US Navy's 7th Fleet announced, days after China imposed new maritime identification rules that include the disputed body of wat...

Infrastructure gets (kortliks) upstaged as it sails to the House

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The Senate accomplished something big this week. Eintlik, two big things. The upper chamber passed its $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill with bipartisan support and just hours later cleared the $ 3.5 trillion bu...

Queen Elizabeth visits UK’s largest warship, as it set sails for South China Sea

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth visited the country's new aircraft carrier on Saturday, before it leads a flotilla of Royal Navy ships to Asian waters on its maiden operational voyage. The 95-year-old monarch stepped aboa...

US Navy sails nuclear submarine through Strait of Hormuz

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The US Navy nuclear-powered guided-missile submarine USS Georgia transited the Strait of Hormuz Monday accompanied by two additional American warships, the Navy said Monday in a rare public announcement of a nuclear...