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Coverage of Portland violence blasted after media dismissed unrest: ‘Same phenomenon as the lab-leak theory

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"Anarchists and an increase in violent crime hijack Portland's social justice movement," a Washington Post headline read on Monday. "After months of social-justice activism that made Portland a vivid, sometimes viole...

Shania Twain models mini dress from ‘Man! I Feel Like a Woman’ video musical: ‘Same outfit, 20 years apart!’

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The 55-year-old Canadian country pop singer unveiled her age-defying figure on Thursday by re-wearing the same outfit from her iconic music video for "Hombre! I Feel Like a Woman." In a video first shared to Twain's Tik...

Draymond Green clarifies equal-pay remarks, says he and Megan Rapinoe want ‘same thing

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Green told reporters his comments have been "extremely misconstrued" despite clearly saying the onus was on female athletes to specially call out those who aren’t lifting up women’s sports. He said he and Rapinoe ess...

Thai King addresses protesters in rare public comments, saying he ‘loves them all the same

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Bangkok, Thailand As mass anti-government protests build across Thailand and calls for reform of the monarchy grow, King Maha Vajiralongkorn has called his country "the land of compromise," suggesting there may be a ...