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US aims to hit revenue streams of ransomware groups with sanctions

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Washington, DC The Biden administration is planning to impose new sanctions to disrupt the source of revenue of ransomware groups that have extorted major US firms of millions of dollars, a US official and a private ...

China says sanctions on Taliban not productive

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"The international community should encourage and promote the development of the situation in Afghanistan in a positive direction, support peaceful reconstruction, improve the well-being of the people and enhance its...

After Olympic defection, US sanctions, Belarusian revolt leader says: ‘The boat is sinking

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"This moment can happen at any second," Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya told Fox News. "The Soviet Union collapsed in six days. Nobody knows what can be the trigger." Speaking from Lithuania, where she is living in self-imp...

Biden to discuss new sanctions on Cuban regime with Cuban-American leaders

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President Joe Biden will discuss applying new sanctions on the Cuban regime when he meets with Cuban-American leaders at the White House on Friday, volgens 'n amptenaar van die Withuis. The meeting takes place weeks...

US plans sanctions against Iran’s drones and guided missiles

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UK sanctions Equatorial Guinea leader’s son over ‘lavish lifestyle’ besteding

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Britain on Thursday sanctioned the son of Equatorial Guinea's president for misappropriating millions of dollars which London said was spent on luxury mansions, private jets and a $ 275,000 glove worn by Michael Ja...

Biden administration preparing sanctions on Cuban regime

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Washington The Biden administration is preparing to sanction individual members of the Cuban regime and a government special forces unit known as the Boinas Negras for human rights abuses, according to a source famil...

VSA, Germany threaten Russia with sanctions if Nord Stream 2 pipeline is used as a ‘weapon

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The warnings came just hours after the U.S. and Germany reached an agreement to permit the completion of a pipeline that will transport natural gas from Russia into Germany – a move U.S. lawmakers and European nation...

Judge grills lawyers on thin election fraud claims at Michigan hearing on possible sanctions

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A judge in Michigan pinned down lawyers in a marathon video court hearing Monday on whether they had done due diligence before filing election fraud claims in federal court in November. The grilling came in a hearin...

Putin says US sanctions on Russia ‘even did us good

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Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin put a positive spin on the sanctions that the United States has imposed on his country in recent years on Wednesday. Daar is, he claimed, positive sides to them. While not sp...

VSA, EU, UK and Canada impose fresh sanctions on Belarus

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Washington The United States, European Union, United Kingdom and Canada imposed fresh sanctions on Belarus Monday in a coordinated response to the Lukashenko government's forced landing of a Ryanair flight and arrest...

Nasionale veiligheidsadviseur: VSA berei meer Rusland-sanksies voor oor Navalny-vergiftiging en gevangenisstraf

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Die Biden-regering berei voor om addisionele sanksies op Rusland in te stel weens die vergiftiging van die gevange opposisieleier Alexey Navalny, het die nasionale veiligheidsadviseur Jake Sullivan Sondag gesê. "Ons berei voor ...

McCaul, Risch urge Biden to immediately impose sanctions on Russia

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The letter from House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Michael McCaul (R-TX) and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Ranking Member James Risch (R-ID) coincided with Biden’s meeting with Russian President Vlad...

CNN slams Cruz for ‘pushing Russian propaganda,’ virtually ignores Biden lifting sanctions on Russian pipeline

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Verlede week, Cruz condemned a controversial new U.S. Army recruitment video, arguing that it is intended to promote a "woke, emasculated military." The original ad features Cpl. Emma Malonelord, a soldier raised in Cal...

CNN, MSNBC avoid Biden lifting sanctions on Russian pipeline after championing Russiagate for years

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Axios first reported on Tuesday that the Biden administration is set to lift sanctions on the company and its CEO, who is known as a "crony" of Russian President Vladimir Putin, that are overseeing the construction o...

US announces more sanctions against Myanmar’s military government

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Washington The Biden administration announced more sanctions on Monday against Myanmar's military government, which has conducted a violent crackdown on pro-democracy protesters, and against key figures in the milita...

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