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Mitch McConnell: ‘Americans didn’t sign up for Bernie Sanderssocialist vision

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MCCONNELL JABS AT TRUMP SAYING 2022 MIDTERMS SHOULDN’T BE ‘REHASH’ OF 2020 ELECTION MITCH MCCONNELL: The American people would be a lot better off if this reckless tax and spending package never passed. They didn't g...

The fight between Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders over the Biden agenda is getting very, very personal

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There's an unwritten rule in the Senate that no senator from your own party should try to mess with you in your state. Which is what makes what Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did on Friday very interesting -- and poten...

Deion Sanders shows gruesome photo of toe surgery aftermath

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The legendary NFL cornerback, who is now the head coach at Jackson State, had the surgery to repair the dislocated toe in September. Sanders’ doctor told TMZ Sports that the Hall of Famer likely had been dealing with...

その. バーニーサンダース: Biden’s $3.5T plan to help working families depends on Democratic unity

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いくつか 88 percent believe we should lower the cost of prescription drugs, 84 percent believe we should expand Medicare to include dental care, hearing aids and eye glasses, 73 percent support establishing Paid Family a...

Sanders powers Oklahoma State past No. 25 Kansas State 31-20

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Jaylen Warren rushed for 123 ヤード 27 carries and added 81 yards on four receptions for Oklahoma State (4-0, 1-0 大きい 12). Sanders also scored a rushing touchdown as Oklahoma State’s defense stifled Kansas State’s ...

Oklahoma St holds off rival Tulsa 28-23 in Sanders’ return

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The Cowboys trailed 14-7 entering the fourth quarter, but took control of the nonconference game with a Spencer Sanders touchdown throw, LD Brown’s 98-yard kickoff return for a score and Warren’s late run. Tulsa, ウィ...

サンダース, 防衛はジャクソンセントを助けます. フロリダAを破る&M 7-6

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サンダース, フットボール殿堂の息子であり、ジャクソン州のコーチであるディオンサンダース, 18-of-24が合格しました 221 ヤードと10プレイを上限とした1ヤードのランで得点, 69-ヤードドライブとそれを作りました 7-3 2番目の早い段階で...

ニュートギングリッチ: バーニーサンダース’ $3.5 trillion big government bill and a prediction

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The more that people learn about this bill, the weaker it gets. There is already growing concern about inflation. The impact of Hurricane Ida on the Louisiana oil and gas industry will lead to further price increases...

AOC, コリブッシュ, アヤンナ・プレスリー, バーニー・サンダースがアフガニスタンの女性​​の窮状に沈黙

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アメリカ. カブールの空港での避難努力, アフガニスタン, 火曜日に終了する予定です, 8月の首都崩壊から2週間以上. 15. ロヤ・ラフマーニー, 最初の女性アフガニスタンを務めた人。.

NFL legend Barry Sanders contracts COVID, says he’s symptom-free

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The Pro Football Hall of Famer said he tested positive for COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated, wearing a mask and taking other precautions. その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . "Despite being double vaccin...

サラ・サンダース: バイデンは安全な開発のためにトランプを信用するべきです, 効果的なコロナウイルスワクチン

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サラサンダース: 私がここアーカンソーで知事に選出された場合, マスクマンデートはありません, ワクチンの義務はありません, 私たちは信じているので、教会や学校、その他の大規模な集会を閉鎖することはありません。.

イングラム: バイデン, Bernie Sanders morphing into one president; working overtime to ‘obliterate’ strong economy

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"Now we see that suburban, more moderate Democrats, 上手, those people were all duped," 彼女は言いました. "It didn’t matter which man won. The policies and the direction we would take would be the same." Biden adhering to th...

マイケル・グッドウィン: サンダース, AOCと仲間の民主党員は米国を悪魔化しますが、キューバ人は真実を知っています

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ほとんど. サンダース, 担当者. アレクサンドリアオカシオコルテスとその反米同類は、犠牲者が米国に彼らを救うように懇願している間、海外の経済的権威主義を擁護するために立ち往生しています. 何百万もの人々に ...

Sanders loves trashing Republicans but won’t condemn truly oppressive Cuban Communists

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サンダース, who previously defended some of the policies of Cuba's previous communist dictator Fidel Castro, including his literacy program, is still silent on whether he supports Cubans speaking out against the communi...

担当者. Clyburn, after called ‘stupid,’ backs Bernie Sanders ally’s opponent in Ohio special election

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The move by U.S. 担当者. ジェームズ・クライバーン, D-S.C., the House majority whip, came after a town hall meeting for progressive Democrat Nina Turner, at which Clyburn was accused of being "愚か" for not having "cut a deal" wi ...

リズピーク: バーニーサンダース’ $6 trillion plan – Demsradical spending will drive inflation higher. 方法は次のとおりです

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Despite inflation soaring to the highest level in 30 年, the Vermont senator and his progressive colleagues want to throw another $ 6 trillion onto an economy already on fire. As Joe Biden might say: this is no j...

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