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Reuse, Nationals rained out, day-night twin-bill Saturday

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The game was called less than an hour before the scheduled start. The tarp remained over the infield on the night of what was supposed to be the first game at Nationals Park since the 2019 World Series without capaci...

‘Saturday Night Live’ jabs Republicans, Joe Biden in the final ‘Weekend Update’ of Season 46

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Although the show is finished with its latest season, the finale marked the first time that the popular NBC sketch show had a full, live studio audience since the coronavirus pandemic began in 2020. The renewed energ...

‘Saturday Night Live’ musical guest Lil Nas X laughs off disastrous wardrobe malfunction on live TV

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The singer was on hand as the musical guest alongside celebrity host Anya Taylor-Joy. In the first of two musical performances of the night, Lil Nax X took to the stage to perform his controversial and steamy hit "Mo...

‘Saturday Night Live’ hits ratings low in first episode after Elon Musk’s high-profile hosting gig

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The SpaceX and Tesla founder being tapped for the coveted hosting position sparked controversy among both viewers and cast members, many of whom felt the show was celebrating a man for his exorbitant wealth in a time...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: Hamas rockets hit Tel Aviv Saturday at beach

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One minute we were looking from our hotel balcony at the Saturday Tel Aviv beach scene, full of happy families frolicking in the Mediterranean. The next we heard sirens, loudspeaker warnings, and most of the folks sc...

Saturday is the brand new ‘unofficialstart to hurricane season

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After a record-breaking Atlantic hurricane season last year, storm forecasting will get off to an earlier start this year thanks to consecutive years of pre-season activity. At least one named tropical system has fo...

Beck Bennett on how he creates ‘Saturday Night Live’ karakters: ‘I want to have fun with it

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The comedian is best known for his impressions of Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Vice President Mike Pence. But with every new episode of the long-running sketch comedy show, comes new challenges. Ben...

Elon Musk’s ‘Saturday Night Livehosting gig gets positive reviews from surprised viewers

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The SpaceX and Tesla founder's casting choice brought criticism from those who felt the show was celebrating a man for his exorbitant wealth in a time of income inequality. Rumors even circulated that cast members we...

Celeb reactions to Elon Musk hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’: ‘Ignore the haters

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Some people questioned why a billionaire businessman is going to be featured on a show which usually reserves its coveted hosting spots for people in entertainment. A few celebrities took to Twitter to react to the ...


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Drie weke in die seisoen, die mededingende deel is akkuraat. Die kwaliteit van die spel? Miskien nie soveel nie. Vrydagoggend het al vyf spanne in die afdeling met een wedstryd daarna geskei 10% van die skedule ...

Erge storms keer Saterdag weer na die Suidooste terug

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Die dreigement van erge storms word Saterdag in die Suidooste voorspel, die potensiaal vir groot hael, skadelike winde, en selfs 'n paar tornado's. Erge storms het die sentrale en suidelike VSA Vrydag getref..

Indonesië jaag om vermiste duikboot te vind voordat dit Saterdag suurstof kry

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Bekommernisse in Jakarta het Donderdag toegeneem oor die lot van 'n Indonesiese duikboot wat vermis geraak het 53 bemanningslede aan boord, soos 'n militêre amptenaar gewaarsku het dat die vaartuig oor drie dae suurstof sou kry. Admir ...

Are Democrats trying to intimidate Supreme Court justices? ‘The Big Saturday Show’ ondersoek

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Former Congressman and Fox News Contributor Sean Duffy noted it was unlikely that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would proceed with a vote to pack the Supreme Court unless the Senate eliminated the filibuster, 'n m ...


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Any opportunity to win some money on a Saturday night while watching Mike Trout slug a baseball all over Orange County also sounds like a great way to spend the weekend. On FS1’s marquee Saturday baseball game this w...

‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks Rep. Matt Gaetz again during ‘Weekend Updatesegment over alleged Venmo payments

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The Florida congressman has reportedly been part of an alleged sex trafficking investigation, though no charges have yet been filed. During this week’s "Naweekopdatering" op Saterdag, host Colin Jost took aim at Gaetz ...

‘Saturday Night Live’ slammed for sketch mocking coronavirus vaccine hesitancy in the Black community

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This week’s episode tapped "Judas and the Black Messiah" actor Daniel Kaluuya as the host, who opened his monologue with a joke about racism in the British royal family. Na dit, he participated in a sketch that n...

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