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Sy. Johnson, suspended by YouTube for HCQ content, says early treatment of COVID could’ve saved thousands

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Johnson said he was simply echoing statistics and information echoed by renowned New Jersey epidemiologist Dr. Stephen Smith about the potential that it would have worked well as an interim treatment for coronavirus ...

Die polisie in Wisconsin beveel offisier aan wat bewustelose vrou uit 'n rivier gered het

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Offisier Zac Becker is kort na middernag deur 'n man genader wat gesê het dat sy vriendin vermis word en dat hy laas naby 'n brug geloop het., het die departement gesê. Terwyl Becker die gebied nagegaan het, hy het splas gehoor ...

Texas high school’s graduation ceremony saved by phone flashlights after power outage

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OKLAHOMA TEENS PRAISED FOR FRIENDSHIP WITH STUDENT WITH DOWN SYNDROME, AS GRADUATION PHOTO GOES VIRAL Video obtained by Fox News shows the graduates were able to receive their diplomas as planned on Friday after even...

Two California inmates appeared to have overdosed. Others around them saved their lives

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Los Angeles County authorities say the quick thinking of inmates at the North County Correctional Facility helped save at least two lives earlier this week. On Wednesday evening, deputies and staff in the facility ...

World War II veteran travels to South Carolina to give a final salute to the man who saved his life

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The blast immediately killed DuBose, while Grasso was thrown 30 feet into the air, resulting in head and neck injuries. "He stood between me and the blast, taking the brunt of the shrapnel," Grasso, 96, recounted. ...

A shepherd saved six runners from extreme weather during deadly ultra-marathon in China

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A shepherd in northwest China has been credited with saving six trail runners from dangerously extreme weather, volgens staatsmedia. Twenty-one other runners died during the 100-kilometer (62-myl) race on Satu...

China mourns a beloved scientist who saved millions from hungerand detains those who insult him

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Hong Kong As people across China this weekend mourned Yuan Longping, a symbol of China's scientific prowess and national hero, even the slightest voice of discord was too much for the Chinese government. Yuan, who cu...

A loggerhead sea turtle was hit and killed by a car in Florida. Researchers saved dozens of her eggs

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A large loggerhead sea turtle was killed when she wandered onto a busy Florida highway while looking for a spot to lay her eggs. But researchers rescued 70 of her eggs intact and buried them in hopes they will hatch...

Terry Crews explains how he overcame porn addiction and saved his marriage

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Die "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" actor revealed in 2014 that he struggled with an addiction to porn. In a series of Facebook videos posted in 2016, he opened up a little bit more about the struggle and how he ended up in reh...

Unresponsive infant saved by customs agents, paramedics at Baltimore BWI Airport

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Local paramedics are also being credited in saving the young boy. After the agents performed the initial life-saving efforts, paramedics arrived and took over before transporting the infant to a nearby hospital. ...

‘Surgical miraclesaved Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s left retina

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SY. COTTON, REP. CRENSHAW: CORONAVIRUS HAS DESTROYED COUNTLESS LIVES – HERE'S HOW TO MAKE CHINA PAY DAN CRENSHAW: I'm doing OK, jy weet, this was a bit unexpected - people…see me in public and they see that I've ob...

A good Samaritan jumped into water and saved an infant who fell out of a car, sê owerhede

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At least eight people were taken to hospitals Sunday after a crash that left a car dangling off the guardrail of a bridge in Ocean City, Maryland, sê owerhede. Fire and police units were dispatched to the bridg...

Rare lobster saved from being dinner at Red Lobster: ‘One in every 30 miljoen’

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The restaurant chain Red Lobster is known for having a big tank in the front of each of its locations full of lobsters. Tipies, these animals are destined to end up on someone’s dinner plate, but that wasn’t the c...

'N Vrou het met haar motor teen 'n ysige rivier vasgery. 'N FedEx-bestuurder het dit sien gebeur en haar gered

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'N Bestuurder van FedEx Express word deur die polisie as 'n held beskou nadat hy in ysige water gespring het om 'n vrou te red wat met haar motor vasgery het.. Brandon Alt het gesê dat hy net aan die gang is met sy afleweringsroete..

He rescued Sadie from a shelter, then she saved his life

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. Last September, Brian Myers walked into an animal shelter and ...

A Chick-fil-A manager saved a drive-thru Covid-19 vaccination clinic after traffic backed up

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Wil jy meer inspirerend wees, positiewe nuus? Teken in op The Good Stuff, 'n nuusbrief ten goede in die lewe. Dit sal u inkassie elke Saterdagoggend verhelder. When a South Carolina drive-thru coronavirus vaccine clinic go...

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