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Arizona good Samaritans talk about saving trooper from burning car last month

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"I could hear somebody screaming for help," one of the helpers, Carolee Ervien, said at a news conference. "So I ran to him and … realized it was the trooper." "I reached for the handle and it wasn’t moving," she con...

Rivelazioni sul tetto: Faced with doubters, Pastor Brooks forges ahead, saving one life at a time

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When the pastor recently began his 100-day rooftop vigil in the biting cold weather with the goal of raising millions for a much-needed community center, the doubters renewed their grousing. The pastor said he receiv...

Solo circa 2,000 people speak the Cherokee language fluently. The tribe is saving some vaccine doses for them

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Even before the pandemic hit, the Cherokee Nation was dealing with a crisis: the potential disappearance of its native language. Solo circa 2,000 people alive on this earth can speak the Cherokee language fluently. ...

L'ex quarterback di Washington e Pittsburgh Steelers è entrato nella NFL prima dell'inizio del campionato

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa nella newsletter What Matters della CNN. Per ottenerlo nella tua casella di posta, iscriviti gratuitamente qui. L'ex quarterback di Washington e Pittsburgh Steelers è entrato nella NFL prima dell'inizio del campionato. "L'ex quarterback di Washington e Pittsburgh Steelers è entrato nella NFL prima dell'inizio del campionato, Lo adoro," L'ex quarterback di Washington e Pittsburgh Steelers è entrato nella NFL prima dell'inizio del campionato. L'ex quarterback di Washington e Pittsburgh Steelers è entrato nella NFL prima dell'inizio del campionato.

Twin helps sister start a family after saving her life: ‘Nothing I wouldn’t do for her’

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Billie Jo Rose and Bobbie Jo Sullivan have always been close, but their bond is deeper than just sisterly affection. Rosa, 38, a Monee resident, told Fox News that she and her twin have been there for each other from...

11-year-old honored for saving fellow student from choking and woman from house fire all in one day

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A sixth grader in Oklahoma was honored for heroism for jumping into action to save a classmate who was choking and rescue a woman from a house fire all in one day. And for his actions, 11-year-old Davyon Johnson was...

‘Shiftto plant-based diets is key to saving world’s wildlife

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The global food system is the primary driver of biodiversity loss and species extinction, and a shift to plant based diets is needed to curb the damage being done to nature, secondo un nuovo rapporto. Biodiversity, ...

Colorado deputy ‘bravely’ uses car to stop wrong-way driver saving lives: autorità

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Adams County deputies responded just after 11 p.m. Monday to a request from Colorado State Patrol about a wrong-way driver in the eastbound lanes of I-70, the Adams County Sheriff’s Office said. CHICAGO POLICE OFFICE...

Il dottore dice che il futuro di Charles Woodson include il salvataggio di vite

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Se ne aspettavano due, e uno no. Woodson ha cullato l'Heisman Trophy e il Thorpe Award che ha vinto come tre vie, giocatore del campionato nazionale del Michigan. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . L'ex Oakland ...

NYC teens charged with murder after good Samaritan dies saving alleged assault victim on subway

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Roland Hueston, a 36-year-old from the Bronx, died in the early hours of New Year’s Day after attempting to save an assault victim from an oncoming subway train. It happened around 2:40 a.m. at the Fordham Road subwa...

With the clock ticking, Georgia lawmakers want the state to end daylight saving time

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La settimana scorsa, Georgia's Senate passed a bill 46-7 that would end the state's observance of daylight saving time. If enacted. it would mean that Peach State residents would not longer need to prepare for "springing for...

Bishop Evans, Texas soldier who died saving migrants, to be laid to rest

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Evans, 22, went missing near Eagle Pass, Texas, after trying to save migrants drowning as they crossed the river into the United States from Mexico. Both migrants survived, but Evans' body was found several days. Eva ...

Man drowns in Lake Michigan saving two children

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A Missouri man drowned in Lake Michigan Sunday trying to rescue two children in distress, according to the Racine County Sheriff's Office. The man has been identified as Thomas J. Camminatore, 40, and the sheriff's offic...

Gutfeld: CNN is coming to the rescue, saving us from a world of misinformation

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Look at that chaos — oh my god! Can you help the FBI, dear viewers, identify the insurrectionists? Our democracy is at stake. This is worse than Watergate, 9/11, and Pearl Harbor. Ovviamente, that was Madame Tussau...

He adopted a dog that no one else wanted. It ended up saving his life

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Vuoi più ispirazione, notizie positive? Iscriviti a The Good Stuff, una newsletter per il bene della vita. Illuminerà la tua casella di posta ogni sabato mattina. They say a dog is a man's best friend. For one New Jersey ma...

‘This is not saving, this is destruction’: Ukrainian MMA champion Yaroslav Amosov recounts the horrors of war

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As MMA fighter Yaroslav Amosov walks through the streets surrounding his hometown of Irpin, which sits around 20 chilometri (12.4 miglia) west of the Ukrainian capital Kyiv, there are fleeting moments when it seems l...