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Voters who are sick or in quarantine with Covid-19 can still vote, CDC sê. Here’s how to do it safely

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If you're currently in isolation with Covid-19 or in quarantine because you've potentially been exposed, don't fret -- you can still exercise your constitutional right to vote. The US Centers for Disease Control and...

Philadelphia police killed a man in a shooting that raises questions, hoof sê. Dan 30 officers were hurt in protests

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Ten minste 30 Philadelphia officers were injured as protests erupted overnight after police shot and killed a man who waved a knife while standing on a city street. The shooting, which the police commissioner swiftl...

Adrian Mannarino says his US Open match was delayed for hours after concerns from health officials

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Adrian Mannarino of France was set to play in his third-round US Open match against Alex Zverev of Germany on Friday at 2:30 nm. But then the time went by, and there was no sign of the players on the court at the U...

Jessica Krug’s sister-in-law says they found out from the media that she lied about being Black

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A family member of the George Washington University professor who revealed that she had been lying about being Black for years says they're outraged. University officials have said Jessica Krug will no longer teach ...