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Piers Morgan accuses Meghan Markle of ‘downright lies’ in new interview: ‘I don’t believe a word she says’

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L'ex "Buongiorno Gran Bretagna" anchor sat down with journalist Karl Stefanovic to discuss his ongoing feud with the Duchess of Sussex. The drama originated in 2015 when the 56-year-old began to communicate with th...

I colleghi uccisi nella sparatoria di massa di San Jose erano come una famiglia, dice il funzionario. Ecco chi erano

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I nove colleghi uccisi a San Jose, California, le sparatorie di massa lasciano le famiglie in lutto, amici con il cuore spezzato e una rete di colleghi che si stanno riprendendo dalla violenza di mercoledì. Le vittime erano Valley Transp...

The San Jose shooting suspect spoke angrily about co-workers, his ex-wife says. Here’s what else we know about him

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Investigators are working to learn more about the man who shot and killed nine people Wednesday in the latest act of gun violence in the US that has stricken a community. The suspected gunman in the shooting at a Sa...

Candace Owens slams Dr. Fauci, the left for killing science: 'Dr. Simon Says’ is making it up as he goes along

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CANDANCE OWENS: This is just so brilliant. The left is always looking for a victim, a narrative. Let me tell you, if there's ever been a victim that is deserving of airtime, it's science. Science has been killed by t...

Voters who are sick or in quarantine with Covid-19 can still vote, Dice CDC. Here’s how to do it safely

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If you're currently in isolation with Covid-19 or in quarantine because you've potentially been exposed, don't fret -- you can still exercise your constitutional right to vote. The US Centers for Disease Control and...

La polizia di Filadelfia ha ucciso un uomo in una sparatoria che solleva interrogativi, il capo dice. Poi 30 gli ufficiali sono rimasti feriti durante le proteste

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Almeno 30 Gli agenti di Filadelfia sono rimasti feriti mentre le proteste sono esplose durante la notte dopo che la polizia ha sparato e ucciso un uomo che agitava un coltello mentre si trovava in una strada cittadina. La sparatoria, che il commissario di polizia swiftl ...

Adrian Mannarino says his US Open match was delayed for hours after concerns from health officials

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Adrian Mannarino of France was set to play in his third-round US Open match against Alex Zverev of Germany on Friday at 2:30 p.m. But then the time went by, and there was no sign of the players on the court at the U...

Jessica Krug’s sister-in-law says they found out from the media that she lied about being Black

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A family member of the George Washington University professor who revealed that she had been lying about being Black for years says they're outraged. University officials have said Jessica Krug will no longer teach ...