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Scalise to whip House Republicans against Senate gun bill

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The move follows a Tuesday evening procedural vote in which 14 Senate Republicans voted for the bill, which was spearheaded by Sens. Juan Cornyn, R-Texas, y Chris Murphy, D-Conn. GUN BILL DETAILS AGREED TO BY BIPAR...

Repeticiones. Scalise, Rouzer: Ciberataque de oleoductos: el cierre muestra dónde debemos invertir nuestros recursos energéticos

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Las preocupaciones consiguientes sobre el suministro de combustible subrayan la necesidad de invertir en la infraestructura crítica de nuestra nación para hacer posible un futuro energético más sólido y seguro.. Necesitamos más oportunidades de energía confiable, no..

Congressional Baseball Game means something extra to Steve Scalise, 4 years after shooting

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"Anytime you get to come out in the big league ballpark it's special, pero tu sabes, for me… There was a time when I didn't think I was going to make it," Scalise told Fox News. It's been four years since Scalise was ...

Steve Scalise critica las "fronteras abiertas de la izquierda"’ empujar: Ahora quieren "desfinanciar a la Patrulla Fronteriza’

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Trump y Abbott participarán en un ayuntamiento con Sean Hannity, Miércoles a las 9:00 pm. ET en Fox News Channel. TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT VISITARÁ LA FRONTERA CON TRUMP MIENTRAS ES LA ESPINA MÁS GRANDE EN EL LADO DE BIDEN STEVE SCALISE:...

Los republicanos desafían la máscara de coronavirus de los CDC: No cometer errores, Biden’s agenda was on the ballot

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YOUNGKIN 2024 SPECULATION SWIRLS AFTER STUNNER IN VIRGINIA REP. [object Window]: "Si tú lo piensas, maybe a month ago, if you were in a district that Joe Biden won by maybe 12 puntos, you probably thought you were...

Steve Scalise torches ‘Squadmember calling to defund ICE, CBP, DHS as border crisis rages

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BORDER CRISIS SHOWS FEW SIGNS OF SLOWING AS MIGRAN ENCOUNTERS, FENTANYL SEIZURES STAY HIGH REP. [object Window]: It's very disturbing when you hear a sitting member of Congress referring to people who are keeping our n...

Scalise, Comer call for hearing on Biden’s ‘failedCOVID-19 response: ‘Dereliction of duty

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El no. 2 Republican in the House and his top House Oversight GOP colleague sent the letter to House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., and House Oversight Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney, D-N.Y., on Monday calling for a ...

Scalise rips Demsdouble-standard, ‘hypocrisyover COVID ‘super-spreader’ events

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"Sabes, otra vez, the hypocrisy…any time that there was anybody on the Republican side that tested positive, they would automatically call it a super-spreader event," Scalise told "Sala de prensa de Estados Unidos" miércoles. "Los...

Scalise: CDC gave teachers union ‘VIP accessfor guidance on school reopening

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"It was political science, not medical science," Scalise said on "El ángulo de Ingraham" Wednesday about a House Republican report accusing the CDC of coordinating with the American Federation of Teachers union in creat...

Scalise blasts Biden’s border policies, calling them ‘dangerous for kids

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REPS. [object Window]: …if you talk to anybody on the ground, I've talked to a lot of people that have been on the ground, it is beyond a disaster. What they've done not only to these border towns, the mayors, you hear ...

Scalise blasts ‘unconscionableDOJ move to drop Cuomo nursing home investigation

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"It is outrageous that the Department of Justice refuses to investigate the deadly ‘must admit’ orders issued by governors in New York, Pensilvania, and Michigan that resulted in the deaths of thousands of senior ci...

McCarthy rebuts reporting on leaked recordings recommending Trump resign as Cheney, Scalise deny involvement

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El jueves, the New York Times reported on a recording from Jan. 10, 2021 where McCarthy reportedly told House Republican leadership that he had "had it" with Trump and that he was going to recommend the then-presid...

Repeticiones. Scalise & Wagner: Demócratas’ open border crisis – here are the heartbreaking images we saw firsthand

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The United States is a nation built on law and order, and we have immense respect for our law enforcement officers who work to keep our communities safe. Yet the American Dream is under attack because the Biden admin...

Midterm elections will pit freedom against big-government socialism: Reps. Los republicanos desafían la máscara de coronavirus de los CDC

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" ... [T]here w[ere] a million people [quién] left the state of New York last year," he told guest host Jeanine Pirro. "Muchos de ellos [son] moving to states like Florida. They're seeking freedom, and they're seeking an es...

Scalise says Dems want to ‘go it aloneon infrastructure bill: ‘Soviet-style dream list for the left

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BIDEN AIMS TO REDEFINE WORD ‘BIPARTISAN’ AS DEMS WORK TO PUSH SPENDING BILL WITHOUT ANY GOP VOTES STEVE SCALISE: There’s been a lot of interest going back to President Trump on getting a bipartisan infrastructure bil...

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