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Scam artists lurking on dating apps and social media made away with a record haul in 2020

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We expect love to have an emotional impact on us, but a new report released by the Federal Trade Commission revealed it's also hurting wallets. A record $ 304 million was reported lost to romance scams in 2020. Sca...

Donations have surged to a ‘scampolitical group that claims to help police officers

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A secretive political group has been pulling in millions of dollars in recent months amid a growing "Blue Lives Matter" beweging, with a cadre of telemarketers urgently telling Americans that now is the time to supp...

Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke jailed for 10 years in $11m email scam

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Celebrated Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke has been jailed for 10 years by a US federal court for masterminding an $ 11 million cyber fraud on a British company. The court heard that "through subterfuge an...

Former DEA official sentenced to 7 years in prison for $4.4 million scam

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A former Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman was sentenced on Wednesday to seven years behind bars for posing as a CIA employee to dupe several people and companies in a $ 4.4 million scheme. Garrison Kennet...