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Hinch reflects on Astros sign-stealing scam in return

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Hinch was suspended by baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred for a year in January 2020 and subsequently fired by owner Jim Crane for his role in the scheme that violated rules by using a video camera to steal catchers’ ...

The Trump fundraising scam is the least surprising part about his presidency

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Desperate for money to finance a struggling presidential campaign, then-President Donald Trump's 2020 team reportedly turned to fundraising tactics that duped donors into giving far more money than they intended or ...

"Vere casalinghe’ la star Jen Shah è stata arrestata con l'accusa di frode federale in relazione a una truffa di telemarketing a livello nazionale

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La star dei reality Jen Shah di "Le vere casalinghe di Salt Lake City" è stato arrestato e accusato in relazione a uno schema di telemarketing che ha truffato centinaia di persone, molti dei quali hanno più di 55, accordin ...

Scam artists lurking on dating apps and social media made away with a record haul in 2020

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We expect love to have an emotional impact on us, but a new report released by the Federal Trade Commission revealed it's also hurting wallets. Un record $ 304 million was reported lost to romance scams in 2020. Sca...

Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke jailed for 10 years in $11m email scam

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Celebrated Nigerian entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke has been jailed for 10 years by a US federal court for masterminding an $ 11 million cyber fraud on a British company. The court heard that "through subterfuge an...

Former DEA official sentenced to 7 years in prison for $4.4 million scam

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A former Drug Enforcement Administration spokesman was sentenced on Wednesday to seven years behind bars for posing as a CIA employee to dupe several people and companies in a $ 4.4 million scheme. Garrison Kennet...

Donations have surged to a ‘scampolitical group that claims to help police officers

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A secretive political group has been pulling in millions of dollars in recent months amid a growing "Blue Lives Matter" movimento, with a cadre of telemarketers urgently telling Americans that now is the time to supp...