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Guerreros’ Steve Kerr dismisses part-owner’s scathing remarks on Uyghur Muslims

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Palihapitiya said on the "All-In Podcast" on Saturday that "nobody cares" about the plight and human rights abuses Uyghur Muslims are facing in China. The comments set off a firestorm and warranted a comment from Ker...

Gorsuch writes scathing dissent in church tax case, saying religious beliefs not subject to ‘verification

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"The First Amendment does not permit bureaucrats or judges to ‘subject’ religious beliefs 'to verification,'" Gorsuch wrote in his dissent released Tuesday. "About this, the Court has spoken plainly and consistently ...

Jamie Lynn Spears reacts to Britney’s scathing statement about her book, familia: ‘I just wish her well

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Jamie Lynn, 30, is gearing up for the January 18 release of her memoir, "Cosas que debería haber dicho." But the upcoming release has been marred by controversy when Britney, 40, took to Instagram on Thursday to blast he...

Ghana launches scathing attack on South Africa with FIFA set to review controversial penalty in World Cup qualifier

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The Ghana Football Association (GFA) has emphatically hit back at match manipulation allegations made by South Africa after the sides' World Cup qualifying match on Sunday. In an extraordinary statement Thursday, ...

10-Un estudiante autista y afroamericano de Utah de un año muere por suicidio semanas después del mordaz informe del Departamento de Justicia sobre el distrito escolar

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Isabela "Izzy" Tichenor, un estudiante autista y afroamericano de 10 años en Utah, murió por suicidio el sábado pasado después de que supuestamente fue intimidada por compañeros de clase y las quejas de su familia fueron ignoradas, el abogado de la familia tel..

Soles’ Robert Sarver, CEO slam ESPN report detailing scathing allegations: ‘I hardly know where to begin

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Sarver and Rowley called out ESPN’s Baxter Holmes, the author of the report who detailed allegations from current and former Suns employees in dozens of interviews talking about executives fostering a toxic environme...

Beto O’Rourke rips Biden response to Haitian migrant crisis in scathing op-ed

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The op-ed for El Paso Matters cited several recent events that prompted Haitian refugees to risk the journey to the United States, including Haiti’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010, the COVID-19 pandemic and the rec...

Hawley escribe una carta mordaz al administrador de Biden exigiendo respuestas sobre "ilegal"’ mandato de vacuna

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En el mayor impulso hasta ahora por parte del gobierno federal para vacunar a más estadounidenses, Biden pidió al Departamento de Trabajo y a su Administración de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional (OSHA) para redactar una calle temporal de emergencia..

NYT’s Bret Stephens hits Fauci in scathing op-ed: ‘Covid misinformation comes from the top, también’

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y será un comienzo húmedo para Pesaj para muchos en el sureste y noreste, "Covid Misinformation Comes From the Top, Too," Stephens stressed the "misinformation saga" goes beyond "charlatans peddling fake cures and political conspiracy theories," pointing to the recent...

NHL fines Rangers $250,000 after scathing criticism of league executive

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NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said in a statement that comments made by the Rangers were "degradante" y lo haría "not be tolerated." CAPITALS’ TOM WILSON LEAVES GAME AGAINST RANGERS EARLY WITH INJURY AFTER FIRST PERIO...

NYC dad pens scathing letter to elite school over race-focused curriculum: We ‘see the writing on the wall

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Andrew Gutman: It was hard and it wasn’t hard, para ser sincero. It was such an obvious decision in the end. You saw this creep into the school a little bit through the seven years we were there but there was just a big ...

Dalton headmaster quits while Brearley dad writes scathing letter

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Dalton School’s Jim Best announced he was leaving Friday to pursue "other exciting and inspiring opportunities" después 16 years at the school. His departure came after months of controversy at the Upper East Side acad...

Scathing watchdog report reveals Capitol Police had expired ammo and ineffective shields during riot

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A scathing report by the US Capitol Police watchdog obtained by CNN reveals that there were even more law enforcement failures prior to January 6 than previously known, including new details about expired ammunition...