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Turmoil erupts in school district after claims that critical race theory and transgender policy are being pushed

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A Virginia school district is under fire after chaos erupted during public comment at a school board meeting earlier this week over a proposed transgender policy and claims that critical race theory is being taught ...

Illinois officer says she lost job protecting local high school over defense of thin blue line patch

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Schaps reportedly served as the school resource officer at Prospect High School. She explained that she spoke out about the thin blue line patches during a village board meeting on June 15th and then appeared on "Fo ...

Britney Spears reveals she didn’t believe Paris Hilton’s boarding school abuse claims

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"To be honest with you, the Paris Hilton story on what they did to her at that school, I didn’t believe any of it. Ek is jammer," Spears told a judge during a virtual hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court. Spiese, 39, ...

Hundreds of unmarked graves discovered at a former residential school in Canada, amptenare sê

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Hundreds of unmarked graves were discovered at the site of the former Marieval Indian Residential School in Canada, the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations said Wednesday. The Cowessess First Nation in Saska...

Loudoun County community member speaks out after being arrested during school board meeting

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Community member John Tigges was put in handcuffs by county police for refusing to leave the meeting and joined "Tucker Carlson Vanaand" on Wednesday to speak out against what he perceived as constitutional injustice...

Colorado mom dissects Douglas County School Board’s ‘Educational Equitypolicy on video

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"We don't need a more transparent view of a policy that is fundamentally flawed at its heart," Deborah Flora, founder and president of Parents United America, said during a public meeting. "It divides students into g...

A high school basketball coach was fired after tortilla-throwing incident involving rival team

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A school board in Southern California has decided to fire a basketball coach in the wake of widespread criticism after tortillas were thrown at an opposing team following a championship game last weekend. The Corona...

Remains of Native American children to be exhumed at site of former boarding school

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The remains of 10 children and young adults who died at a Pennsylvania boarding school for Native Americans more than a century ago are expected to be exhumed and returned to their families, according to the Office ...

Loudoun County VA parents call out ‘wokest and worst school board in Americaafter meeting erupts into chaos

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Ian Prior and Amy Jahr told host Laura Ingraham that after less than half of those who registered to offer public comment spoke, the superintendent put local police in a "tough spot" by declaring an "unlawful assembl...

After clashing over ‘Indigenous Peoples’ Dag,’ a New Jersey school district is adding holiday names back to its school calendar

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A New Jersey school board has voted to overturn a decision that took all holiday names off the district calendar, following conflict over an earlier decision to refer to Columbus Day as "Indigenous Peoples' Day." Th ...

Virginia’s Loudoun County parents rally as school board mulls transgender, critical race theory policies

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The policies affect transgender student rights, privacy and restroom accommodations and would require Loudoun County Public Schools employees to use students’ preferred names or pronouns. VIRGINIA COUNTY'S LATEST BLO...

New Jersey school board restores holiday names after public uproar

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The Randolph Township Board of Education in New Jersey held a special meeting on Monday "to consider a resolution" after parents pushed back against the board's June 10 vote to start listing each holiday, including r...

NJ school board slammed as ‘arrogant and incompetent,’ reverses decision to remove holiday names from calendar

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The Randolph Board of Education voted 8-1 Monday to reinstate the holidays after dozens of members of the community voiced outrage during the public comment portion of the meeting. Tom Tatem, a Randolph Township fath...

Die skoolraad in Los Angeles stem oor die COVID-eise van die vakbond, sluit maskers in, toets ongeag die entstofstatus

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Vroeër in Junie, lede van die United Teachers Los Angeles het oorweldigend 'n ooreenkoms met die Los Angeles Unified School District onderskryf om die beskerming met 94% van lede, of 11,485, bevoordeel die ...

George Clooney, Kerry Washington, Don Cheedle en meer van die hoërskool in Los Angeles, wat daarop gemik is om Hollywood meer inklusief te maak

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George Clooney, Kerry Washington, Don Cheadle en meer sterre hoop om Hollywood meer inklusief te maak deur studente tydens die hoërskool bloot te stel aan werk in die vermaaklikheidsbedryf. Die veterane in die bedryf steun 'n magneetblok..

Die Emory University School of Medicine vra formeel om verskoning nadat hy 'n aansoeker vir sy ras van die hand gewys het

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Meer as 60 jare terug, Marion Gerald Hood is vanweë sy ras uit 'n mediese skool verwerp. Hierdie week, die skool het verskoning gevra. Die Emory University School of Medicine het Hood formeel om verskoning gevra, nooi hom uit ...

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