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Virginia father announces run for Loudoun County School Board seat: ‘We’ve got to do something

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Rivera is calling for a return to academics as political agendas are creeping their way into schools across the country. "A lot of us sit around and we complain about what's going on in the government and local gove...

Loudoun County parent on explosive school board meeting: ‘This is an ideology war

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Loudoun County parents Dimis Christophy and Cheryl Onderchain joined "狐 & フレンズファースト" on Wednesday to discuss the outrage after an explosive school board meeting Tuesday night, and a walkout dozens of studen...


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手紙は下院共和党のリーダー、ケビン・マッカーシーによって送られました, R-Calif。, 下院司法委員会ランキングメンバージムジョーダン, R-オハイオ, 下院教育労働委員会ランキングメンバーVirginiaFoxx, R-N.C. "私たちb ...

Josh Hawley blasts ‘collusion’ between National School Boards Association and Biden admin

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GARLAND SHOULD STAND DOWN AFTER NSBA APOLOGY, GOP POLITICIANS SAY JOSH HAWLEY: 上手, I think we've learned a lot since the House questioning, and we had him saying under oath that the letter was the key aspect in ge...

Miami-area teens involved in sword murder of high school student charged as adults, 検察官は言う

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Andre Clements and Christie Parisienne, どちらも 17, and 16-year-old Jaslyn Smith face charges of first-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, and tampering with evidence in connection to the killing of 18-year-old Dwight G...


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バスの運転手が救急治療を受けたときの素早い行動で2人の中学生が称賛されている. ConnerDossとKaneDaughertyは、アトランタ郊外のイーストポールディングミドルスクールの生徒です。 ...

Loudoun parents gather for potentially explosive school board meeting after alleged assault revelations

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The email "simply confirms what we know, which is we had administrators at a school board who have been covering this up," Youngkin told Fox News on Saturday. "というのは, they tried to hide it from parents, they've hidd...

シアトルの男は空のスクールバスを盗み、車に衝突し、衝突する前に赤信号を実行します: 警察

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容疑者, 警察によって特定されていない人, 伝えられるところでは、直前にバスを盗んだ 8 午前. シアトル南部で、SODOとセントラルディストリクトの近隣をドライブする前に. シアトルの男が主張している。.

New Jersey school district suspends assistant teacher who allegedly told student ‘we don’t negotiate with terrorists

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A New Jersey teaching assistant was suspended by the Ridgefield School District after an alleged incident last week in which a Muslim-American student claimed he was called a terrorist after asking a question during...

Editor from The Atlatnic claims Glenn Youngkin supports threats of violence against school board members

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日曜日に, Ornstein tweeted about an Youngkin campaign ad that criticized the FBI and Justice Department for investigating parents protesting school board meetings. に応じて, Ornstein concluded that Youngkin suppo...

NYC mom blasts ‘wokepoliticians amid school safety shift: ‘We want our children to be kept safe

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NYC'S DE BLASIO SENT HIS CHILDREN TO ‘GIFTED AND TALENTED’ SCHOOL MONA DAVIDS: 番号, I am certainly not a person of privilege, and those individuals do not speak for the majority of parents here in New York City. We wa...

National School BoardsAssociationの謝罪「少なすぎる, 遅すぎる': 保護者擁護教育学長

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ニーリーはNSBAを言った "送信するべきではなかった" 彼らの手紙, それがみなした反対で連邦支援を要求した "国内テロやヘイトクライムの一形態に相当します。" NSBAの手紙が送られた直後。.

Youngkin demands resignations from Loudoun County School Board in wake of bombshell email

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"It's outrageous," Youngkin told Fox News on Saturday. He said the email "simply confirms what we know, which is we had administrators at a school board who have been covering this up. というのは, they tried to hide it f...

Ron, Clint Howard on acting with The Ramones in ‘Rock ‘nRoll High School’: ‘They had their game face on

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ザ・ "Jungle Book" voice actor, 62, told Fox News that the punk rock group "embodied rock ‘n’ roll," and he felt the group emitted an aura that made him and others want to do their best work in the 1979 cult classic. ...

ユタ州の学区は、黒人およびアジア系アメリカ人の学生に対する何百もの人種的嫌がらせの苦情を無視しました, DOJは言う

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黒人とアジア系アメリカ人の学生は、ユタ州の学区で何年にもわたって嫌がらせを受け、当局は親と学生からの苦情を故意に無視しました, 連邦公民権調査が見つかりました. 正義...

試乗: ザ・ 2021 BMWM4はそれを古い学校に保ちます

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BMWの未来は電気かもしれない, でも昔のやり方をあきらめるのは急いではありません. バイエルンのブランドは、マニュアルトランスミッションを使用できる車を作り続ける限り、マニュアルトランスミッションを存続させることをほぼ約束しています。, どのshoul ...

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