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Critics slam CDC after teachers union influences guidelines: ‘Based in politics and not science

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"This really confirms what we knew all along, that the whole school reopening debate has been more to do with political partisanship and power dynamics than safety and the needs of families," Reason Foundation's Core...

Biden’s clashes with own experts over COVID booster shots undermine promise to ‘follow the science

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The president promised in July 2020 that he would "[l]isten to the experts and follow the science." COVID-19 BOOSTER SHOTS UNNECESSARY FOR MOST, SAY FDA ADVISORS REPORTEDLY RESIGNING OVER ISSUE "Let’s set the parti...

Tucker Carlson: Scientists who no longer believe in science is a real problem for civilization

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Dis hoekom, of all the moral atrocities being committed at the moment in the name of equity and inclusion, it’s the relentless attacks on science should command our special attention. When the coronavirus first arriv...

Vreemde wetenskap: Hoe 'n 'slordige’ Bannon-gesteunde papier oor koronavirus-oorsprong het sy weg na 'n gehoor van miljoene gemaak

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Dit was 'n lokprentverhaal. A respected Chinese virologist appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News in mid-September to share the results of her just-completed report. Die gevolgtrekking: The novel coronavirus that...

Los Angeles County sheriff will not enforce new mask mandate: ‘Not backed by science’

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Op Donderdag, the county Department of Public Health revived a requirement that masks be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status, a month after California dropped its statewide mask mandate for vaccinated people...

Bolsonaro was ‘warnedabout the consequences of ignoring science, inquiry hears

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Vir maande, critics of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro have been calling for an investigation into his handling of the country's devastating Covid-19 crisis. Op Dinsdag, it finally began. The parliamentary inqu...

Andy Puzder: Biden ignores science on abortion – he follows the politics on question of when life begins

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Nonetheless, President Biden immediately decried the decision as "an unprecedented assault on a woman’s constitutional rights under Roe v. Wade." Wel, it was certainly better than talking about Afghanistan, the jobs...

Rand Paul noem Fauci-boek 'wetenskapfiksie'’ nadat dit van winkelwebwerwe gehaal is

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Advertensies vir die boek, getiteld "Verwag die onverwagse: Tien lesse oor die waarheid, Diens, en die pad vorentoe," is van Amazon en Barnes verwyder & Noble se webwerwe Donderdag. Fauci se uitgewer, National Geographi ...

Trump bet against science, and voters are casting judgment

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The failed bet laid by President Donald Trump to ignore science and prioritize his political goals early in the pandemic, revealed Wednesday in fresh detail by new Jared Kushner tapes, is backfiring in devastating f...

Apparently the science changed in Canada, Blue Jays can return home

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The team had previously played their "huis toe" games in Dunedin, Florida and Sahlen Field in Buffalo due to ongoing travel restrictions between the U.S. and Canada related to COVID-19. CLICK HERE FOR MORE SPORTS COVERAG...

Perseverance Mars rover’s robotic arm starts conducting science

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The rover, which landed in Jezero Crater in February, had been functioning largely as a communications base between the autonomous Ingenuity Mars helicopter and the agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) over the l...

CDC’s COVID booster shot reversal: Is the Biden administration following the science?

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CDC director Rochelle Walensky broke with her vaccine advisory panel late Thursday to endorse younger at-risk people returning to work to get the Pfizer COVID-19 booster shot — a rare move that goes against the panel...

Hannity ontplof Fauci: Meer geïnteresseerd in gewildheid onder medievriende as om wetenskap te volg

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HANNITEIT: Die verhaal van die week, die misleiding van dokter Fauci. In plaas daarvan om die wetenskap te volg, in plaas daarvan om na kundiges te luister, e-pos onthul nou dat doktor Fauci meer daarin belangstel om gewild te wees onder sy biblioteek..

Die burgemeester van Chicago roep 'n nuwe dag vir die wetenskap in’ in speelse video-veeg oor Trump se koronavirus-reaksie

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Lori Lightfoot, burgemeester van Chicago, het a "nuwe dag vir die wetenskap" in die nasleep van die verkose president Joe Biden van 'n nuwe taakspan vir die koronavirus, neem 'n spottende video op om 'n draai by president D. te maak..

Hannity: I believe in the science of vaccination

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SEAN HANNITY: There are people too, very rare cases, but they're out there, where people have serious underlying health conditions that can be aggravated by the vaccine. That's why it's important you research, talk t...

Greg Gutfeld: CDC isn’t catching up to science, it’s catching up to American people

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So the CDC says you can skip wearing masks outside. In ander nuus, the CDC says women can vote and wear pants. (Steeds - not sure I’m for either) According to the New York Times, the CDC is "finally catching up to the...

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