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The World Health Organization honors the late Henrietta Lacks for her contributions to scientific research

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The World Health Organization on Wednesday honored the late Henrietta Lacks, whose cells have been used for innovative scientific research for decades, with an award in recognition of her contributions to the advanc...

The Force A-woke-ns: Scientific American deems ‘JEDIa ‘problematic’ término

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El miércoles, Scientific American published an article titled "Why the Term ‘JEDI’ Is Problematic for Describing Programs That Promote Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion." In the piece, the magazine suggested t...

DeSantis: Fauci’s lockdown policies ‘were not justified by the scientific data

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DESANTIS: I think he's somebody who if you followed what he said, he said you did a good job. Por ejemplo, he said New York has the best response to COVID. Obviamente, in terms of the numbers, I don't see how you coul...

Hannity: Was Fauci engaged in a ‘scientificcoverup?

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SEAN HANNITY: The malignant government of China must be held accountable. Sippy Cup Joe, your president, doesn't seem too capable of doing anything. A good first step for the Biden administration would be a little s...

Kayleigh McEnany: ‘The mask is here to stayin Biden’s America with no scientific reason

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JOE BIDEN GETS INTO 'TROUBLE,' SPENDS 30 SECONDS LOOKING FOR HIS MASK KAYLEIGH MCENANY: I mean it’s incredible. [Biden] is waging the biggest vaccine hesitancy campaign in history. He’s having a panic attack on stage...

La forma extraña y totalmente científica en que los caimanes respiran en agua helada

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Las tormentas invernales han azotado a Estados Unidos esta semana, y muchos animales luchan contra el frio. El caimán de sangre fría, aunque, está pasando la semana con un método inusual de supervivencia. Esta semana, un empleado ...

There’s an actual scientific definition of a ‘white Christmas

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While nearly 100% of Christmas movies show beautiful blankets of fresh, fluffy snow on Christmas morning, the reality is only about a dozen states have more than a 70% chance of waking up to snow on average each yea...

Dozens of scientific journals have vanished from the Internet, study found

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As the internet evolves, webpages that were live years ago are frequently no longer available today. In some cases, that's for the best (so long, embarrassing MySpace profiles), but it is a concern when it comes to ...