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Saka feels the England love with scoring return to Wembley

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There were even louder roars to come when the birthday boy headed in the final goal in a 4-0 World Cup qualifying win over Andorra on Sunday. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . "It really made a difference fo...

Ronaldo becomes highest scoring man in international soccer

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The Portugal captain scored in the 89th minute against Ireland in a World Cup qualifier, moving ahead of former Iranian striker Ali Daei. He added a second — another header — minutes later in a 2-1 oorwinning. Earlier i...

Knight sets women’s world hockey scoring record in US win

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Knight passed former U.S. star Cammi Granato with a goal at 3:17 of the second period. The 32-year-old split two defenders with a cutback to find an open shooting lane for a 2-0 lei. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTOMSLAG ...

US athletes are more concerned with scoring ‘woke pointsthan actual ones: Tammy Bruce

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"Failure, ellende, resentment, victimhood, hatred for the country… that’s what fuels the left… and it’s penetrating nearly every corner of society," Bruce said in her opening monologue Monday. OLYMPIC FAILURE: INGRAHA...

Bucks get confidence boost in win without Giannis scoring 40

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Good hadn't been good enough for a Milwaukee Bucks win — until Game 4. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . And while Antetokounmpo will likely need to be great again, his teammates must prove they can deliver ...

Ronaldo scores 2 to take a step closer to scoring history

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Ronaldo scored two penalties Wednesday to help the defending champions secure a 2-2 draw with France and give the team a spot in the round of 16 at the European Championship. They also increased his total with the na...

Nets had the shooting and scoring, but needed more health

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They just didn't have the health that every team needs. Kevin Durant was spectacular in his first postseason in Brooklyn, but by the end of it a Big Three was down to 1 1/2. Kyrie Irving was on the bench and James Ha...

76ers use balanced scoring, rout Hawks for 2nd straight game

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Dwight Howard had a team-high 19 punte en 11 rebounds for the 76ers, who routed the Hawks for the second straight game. Philadelphia began play 1½ games behind Brooklyn in the race for the top seed in the East. Tra...