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The world could burn a record amount of coal next year despite efforts to scrap the dirtiest fossil fuel

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Rising consumption in China, India and the United States could bring global coal-fired power demand to a new all-time high this year, undermining efforts to cut greenhouse gas emissions, the International Energy Agen...

NOU: Agreement reached to scrap race as a factor in NFL concussion settlements

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The National Football League and lawyers for Black players who accused the league of discrimination have filed a joint proposal to "scrap the use of a race-based method to evaluate dementia claims made by former pla...

Washington fans get into violent scrap during team’s loss to Chargers

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Eerste, some kind of foul liquid poured from the ceiling at FedExField during the team’s game against the Los Angeles Chargers. Fans who recorded video of the waterfall onto the seats described the liquid as "sewage,"...

Bradley Chubb, Garrett Bolles scrap at Broncos camp

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The latest larger tiff came in Denver, where Broncos defensive lineman Bradley Chubb and offensive lineman Garrett Bolles scrapped to the point where teammates had to intervene. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . ...

Cruz calls for CDC to ‘follow the scienceand scrap airline mask mandate before July 4 vakansie

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Airline travelers ages 2 and older currently have to wear face masks in order to fly, despite the widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines and the CDC's recent declaration that fully vaccinated people can travel ...

Visa and Plaid scrap $5.3 billion merger agreement

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New York (CNN Besigheid)Visa and fintech startup Plaid have terminated their $ 5.3 billion merger agreement after facing a legal challenge from the Department of Justice. The proposed deal was announced a year ago, ...

Vloot om oorlogskip USS Bonhomme Richard in gebruik te neem en te skrap ná groot brand

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The US Navy has decided to de-commission and scrap the USS Bonhomme Richard after a damage assessment found that restoring the ship would cost billions of dollars. The amphibious assault ship was in port in San Die...