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Trump se prokureurs word deur die vlak van samewerking met die departement van justisie oor geklassifiseerde dokumente ondersoek

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Die hof van die departement van justisie se hofinskrywing Dinsdag waarin die saak uiteengesit word dat geklassifiseerde dokumente by Mar-a-Lago versteek is, verhoog nuwe ondersoek vir voormalige president Donald Trump se prokureurs wat saam met die federale regering gewerk het..

Trey Gowdy: President Biden should expect some scrutiny after his recent Middle East trip

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And that was arguably not the toughest issue the president faced in Saudi Arabia, the toughest issue may have been navigating America's need for Saudi Arabia as an ally against Iran, while also bringing up the realit...

Biden defends Iran deal against Israel news scrutiny, officials tout ‘important strategic ties

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Biden spoke with Israel’s Channel 12 in a pre-taped interview that aired Wednesday. The interviewer addressed the Iran Deal, citing recent polls that found 75% of Israelis do not trust the Biden administration to con...

Treasury faces mounting scrutiny for giving Hunter Biden ‘coverwith new rule for document requests

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Comer laid into the Biden administration over the new rule requiring majority consent in Congress to obtain Suspicious Activity Reports (SAR's) protected under the Bank Secrecy Act, saying the department was doing so ...

Woman pushing baby stroller shot dead; Biden’s American Rescue Plan faces scrutiny and more top headlines

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MONEY TREE – American Rescue Plan faces scrutiny after $ 825M in funds went to ‘oral historians’ researching anti-racism, 'Latinx' histories. Continue reading …SAFE HAVEN - States with higher rate of gun ownership d...

LIV Golf faces scrutiny from officials ahead of Oregon event

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The PGA Tour’s rival has received immense backlash because of its ties to the Saudi Arabian government. The league has been able to lure golfers like Phil Mickelson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Patrick Reed and...

Giuliani is under scrutiny in Georgia probe into Trump

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Georgia investigators are scrutinizing Rudy Giuliani's appearance before state lawmakers in 2020, where he peddled baseless claims of voter fraud and encouraged legislators to appoint a new slate of presidential ele...

Media, Democratic rhetoric toward Kavanaugh, Supreme Court under scrutiny after assassination attempt

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Nicholas John Roske, 26, of Simi Valley, Kalifornië, had a gun, ammunition, a knife, pepersproei, a screwdriver, zip ties, and other gear when he was arrested by Montgomery County Police Wednesday morning, volgens ...

Ruk, a live-streaming giant, comes under scrutiny after Buffalo shooting

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(CNN Besigheid)Ruk, the livestreaming giant popular among video gamers, has been thrust into the national spotlight after the suspect in the Buffalo grocery store mass shooting tried to broadcast the attack on the...

DC men who allegedly posed as federal agents under scrutiny for possible foreign ties

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Arian Taherzadeh, 40, and Haider Ali, 35, were both arrested on Wednesday at a luxury apartment in the Navy Yard area of Washington, D.C. During an arraignment hearing on Thursday, a judge approved Taherzadeh and Ali...

Russia’s role at UN under scrutiny as Ukraine calls for Security Council vote to be removed

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"To deprive the aggressor country of the right to vote in the U.N. Veiligheidsraad, to qualify Russian actions and statements as genocide of the Ukrainian people, to help with the delivery of corpses of Russian sold...

Lia Thomas: NYT science reporter mocked for claiming transgender swimmer faces ‘hormonal scrutiny

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Thomas made headlines over the past months after repeatedly shattering swimming records just two years after competing as a biological male, trouncing her female competitors. PENN'S LIA THOMAS PICKS UP VICTORY IN 20...

NFL-oortydreëls word onder die loep geneem nadat Chiefs Bills in 'n wilde uitspeelwedstryd uitgeslaan het

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Die Chiefs is eerste met die sokker toegeken danksy die muntgooi wat hul pad gegaan het. Oortydreëls bepaal of die span met besit eers 'n raakvlak aanteken, dan is hulle die wenner. Patrick Mahomes het Travis K. gevind..

Hunter Biden’s ties to Chinese businessman ‘Superchairmanshould draw scrutiny: Peter Schweizer

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Schweizer, author of the new book "Red Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win", said in an interview airing Sunday on "Lewe, Vryheid & Levin" that Biden, 51, was able to earn large sums of money d...

Giants face scrutiny for consecutive QB sneaks deep in their own territory: ‘This is sad

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In die tweede kwartaal met ongeveer 5:38 to play in the first half, the Giants decided to run back-to-back quarterback sneaks by Jake Fromm. New York was running the plays on second and third down from its own 4-yard li...

Hawaii’s Todd Graham under scrutiny in state Senate hearing over alleged toxic culture in football program

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Hawaii lawmakers, former players and parents all spoke at the Senate hearing after Graham was accused of verbal abuse that sparked numerous transfers from the football program. Volgens The Athletic, the allegati...

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