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Mike Tyson addresses scuffle with airline passenger: ‘He was f—— with me

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TMZ released a video that appeared to show Tyson punching the passenger, identified as Melvin Townsend, who was seated a row behind him at San Francisco International Airport. Volgens die verslag, Townsend contin...

Wichita State beats UNLV with clutch free throws, teams separated after postgame scuffle

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The Shockers beat the Rebels, 74-73, thanks to last-second free throws from Tyson Etienne but the moment was briefly overshadowed over the extracurricular activity at the end. UNLV assistant Carlin Hartman appeared t...

LeBron James uitgeskiet nadat 'n aanval op 'n opponerende speler se gesig tot 'n handgemeen op die baan lei

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Los Angeles Lakers-ster LeBron James is Sondag tydens 'n wedstryd teen die Detroit Pistons uitgeskiet nadat hy kontak gemaak het met Pistons se Isaiah Stewart in die gesig. Die uitsetting is slegs die tweede in James se loopbaan -- de ...

A man on trial in North Carolina who was shot during a courtroom scuffle has died, amptenare sê

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A man who was shot by a police officer after allegedly trying to take a bailiff's weapon inside a North Carolina courtroom has died, state investigators said. The shooting occurred Thursday inside the Person County...

Jake Paul, Tyron Woodley pre-fight news conference marred by scuffle

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Members from both fighters’ camps began to scuffle with each other in the audience in Cleveland. Both camps had to be separated from each other as the jawing spilled out into the lobby. Videos from MMA Fighting showe...

Katie Porter responds to scuffle that broke out at her California town hall event

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Demokratiese Rep. Katie Porter of California responded to a scuffle that broke out at an event she held in her district on Sunday between protesters and attendees, claiming that the incident was by premeditated by her...

No charges against R&B artist Trey Songz over NFL scuffle

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Mike Mansur, a spokesman for the Jackson County prosecutor’s office, said there is "insufficient evidence" to bring charges and that police were notified of the decision late last week. He declined to comment further...

Protesters and vigilantes scuffle in Kyrgyzstan capital as political crisis festers

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Anti-government protesters scuffled with vigilante groups in Kyrgyzstan's capital of Bishkek overnight, after authorities in the Central Asian nation annulled parliamentary election results, local news website