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Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden recalls his time in Afghanistan: ‘We should’ve been out of there’ hace años que

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"It’s one of those places Afghanistan, where if you haven’t been there, you wouldn’t believe people," Rob O'Neill said. " quiero decir, some of these people, not only do they not know how old they are, they don’t know what...

Retired SEAL commander doubts Biden’s vow to avenge Kabul attack: ‘Hollow words off a teleprompter

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PENTAGON SAYS 'THOUSANDS' OF ISIS-K PRISONERS RELEASED BY TALIBAN DAVID SEARS: Those are hollow words off a teleprompter. I haven’t forgiven nor forgotten all of my brothers that have been killed overseas. The memori...

Aspiring New Jersey Navy SEAL remembered by coach and friend: ‘A leader on and off the field

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NAVY OPENS INVESTIGATION INTO SEAL CANDIDATE'S DEATH DURING ‘HELL WEEK’ Kyle Mullen's former coach at Manalapan (NUEVA JERSEY.) High School, Ed Gurrieri, and Mullen's friend Taylor Aloisio joined "zorro & Amigos" to discus...

que no puede caminar en la interestatal 2 que no puede caminar en la interestatal

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que no puede caminar en la interestatal 50 el porcentaje de votantes hispanos está más inclinado a votar por los republicanos en boletas genéricas, el porcentaje de votantes hispanos está más inclinado a votar por los republicanos en boletas genéricas, el porcentaje de votantes hispanos está más inclinado a votar por los republicanos en boletas genéricas. el porcentaje de votantes hispanos está más inclinado a votar por los republicanos en boletas genéricas.

Ex-Navy SEAL quits ‘un-American’ Hollywood, slams industry for cancel culture

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Courtley, 52, told Fox News he left Hollywood because he didn't feel he could express his "true core values" y "love for this country." "Mirar, when there's an organization in that business where you have to have se...

Monk seal killed by ‘intentional gunshot wound to the head,’ Hawaii officials say

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A monk seal found on Hawaii's Moloka'i Island in September died of "an intentional gunshot wound to the head," The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) announced in a news release Tuesday. Este es ...

Ayudar! There’s a seal in my treadmill! The year’s best animal rescue photos from the RSPCA

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It's no secret that 2020 has been a stinker of a year for many of us -- but a British animal welfare organization, the RSPCA, has shared some pictures that may make you smile. The RSPCA released its list of the ye...

Baby seal rescued after it was found wandering the streets of Long Island

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Police were called to assist a wayward traveler in Southampton, Nueva York, Sunday after a baby seal was spotted scooting through a traffic circle. "Some of our officers responded and found a baby harbor seal in the ...

Former California resident sentenced to prison for fatally shooting elephant seal

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Jordan Gerbich, 30, was sentenced on Monday for killing the marine mammal in September 2019 at an elephant seal viewing area near the Piedras Blancas State Marine Reserve in San Simeon, los fiscales federales dijeron. CALI...

Midshipmen celebrate win over Army with son of fallen Navy SEAL

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The Navy Athletics department shared a video of Brian Bourgeois’ youngest son being hoisted in the air as the players cheered on. According to the team, the entire Bourgeois family was in the locker room and his wife...

Navy SEAL candidate death: Father of SEAL trainee who died in 2016 speaks out amid renewed calls for justice

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"I’d like to send my condolences to Kyle Mullen’s family. No one can relate to their situation like I can," James Lovelace told Fox News Digital when reached by phone. "I know what they’re going through, and what the...

Ex-Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher, absuelto en caso de crímenes de guerra, habla: Nuevo libro "divulga la verdad’

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Gallagher le dijo al presentador Sean Hannity que el libro ... "El hombre de la arena" - tiene la intención de permitir que el público descubra la verdad por sí mismo y tome sus propias decisiones sobre su caso, después de que fue vilipendiado en el med..

Leni Klum se une a papá Seal en la alfombra roja en una rara aparición

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La aspirante a modelo de 17 años caminó por la alfombra roja con el músico, 58, para el estreno de la película "Cuanto más duro caen." La película fue escrita y dirigida por Seal's (nombre real Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) br ...

Navy SEAL que mató a bin Laden dice que "nunca habrá un cierre"’ por 9/11 víctimas

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Hablando con "zorro & Fin de semana de amigos" en sábado, ex equipo SEAL 6 Rob O'Neill reflexionó sobre la trascendental muerte de bin Laden, el líder terrorista responsable de orquestar el ataque a 9/11 que k ...

Raro elefante marino avistado durmiendo cerca de la costa de California

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Mientras que los observadores de ballenas normalmente esperan ver ballenas, un grupo frente a la costa de California vio algo igual de emocionante: un elefante marino. Un barco del Capitán. Dave's Dana Point Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari llegó ...

A rare sea turtle and seal pups have washed up on UK beaches after a storm

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A rare sea turtle and dozens of seal pups have been washed onto the UK's beaches after the country was hit by Storm Arwen last week that brought strong winds and the deaths of three people. The severe weather, with...

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