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Navy SEAL candidate dies and another hospitalized following ‘Hell Week

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A Navy SEAL candidate died Friday and another was hospitalized in San Diego after completing a training phase known as "Hell Week." Naval Special Warfare Command said in a statement that the cause of the SEAL candid...

Barcelona Femení seal an unprecedented 30-0 perfect season

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The number 30 is a semiperfect number -- one that is equal to the sum of some, but not all, of its factors. For Barcelona Femení, sin embargo, 30 proved to be a perfect number as it made history on Sunday with a 2-1 Wisconsin...

Baby seal rescued after it was found wandering the streets of Long Island

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Police were called to assist a wayward traveler in Southampton, Nueva York, Sunday after a baby seal was spotted scooting through a traffic circle. "Some of our officers responded and found a baby harbor seal in the ...

Monk seal killed by ‘intentional gunshot wound to the head,’ Hawaii officials say

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A monk seal found on Hawaii's Moloka'i Island in September died of "an intentional gunshot wound to the head," The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR) announced in a news release Tuesday. Este es ...

Ayudar! There’s a seal in my treadmill! The year’s best animal rescue photos from the RSPCA

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It's no secret that 2020 has been a stinker of a year for many of us -- but a British animal welfare organization, the RSPCA, has shared some pictures that may make you smile. The RSPCA released its list of the ye...

Retired SEAL commander doubts Biden’s vow to avenge Kabul attack: ‘Hollow words off a teleprompter

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PENTAGON SAYS 'THOUSANDS' OF ISIS-K PRISONERS RELEASED BY TALIBAN DAVID SEARS: Those are hollow words off a teleprompter. I haven’t forgiven nor forgotten all of my brothers that have been killed overseas. The memori...

Media outlets led by CNN seek access to court filings that House January 6 committee made under seal

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Eighteen national media outlets led by CNN are asking a court to make public secret court filings in former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows' lawsuit against the House select committee investigating the Janua...

Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden recalls his time in Afghanistan: ‘We should’ve been out of there’ hace años que

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"It’s one of those places Afghanistan, where if you haven’t been there, you wouldn’t believe people," Rob O'Neill said. " quiero decir, some of these people, not only do they not know how old they are, they don’t know what...

Retired Navy SEAL calls for resignations of top Biden admin officials: ‘They’ve abjectly failed

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PRESIDENT BIDEN, VP HARRIS AVOID THE CAMERAS AS KABUL FALLS TO TALIBAN DERRICK VAN ORDEN: I did two tours in Afghanistan in 2003 y 2009, y, Desafortunadamente, the Biden administration is redefining the word incompete...

El ex Navy SEAL dice que la política de Estados Unidos en Afganistán ha sido "como una convención de cosplay de Star Trek’ desde 2002

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Príncipe, un SEAL de la Armada retirado que sirvió en el Medio Oriente, dijo "Tucker Carlson esta noche" que "políticos a medias" en Washington tienen la culpa de lo que está sucediendo en Afganistán. "Es la misma colección de nat ...

Leni Klum se une a papá Seal en la alfombra roja en una rara aparición

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La aspirante a modelo de 17 años caminó por la alfombra roja con el músico, 58, para el estreno de la película "Cuanto más duro caen." La película fue escrita y dirigida por Seal's (nombre real Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel) br ...

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