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Jennifer Lopez and Sean ‘DiddyCombs: A look back at their relationship

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Di giovedì, Sean "Diddy" Combs shared a throwback photo of himself and Lopez walking hand-in-hand. He didn't offer much in the way of context in the caption, simply writing, "#tbt." Fans had a good laugh in the com...

Jennifer Lopez’s ex Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs posts throwback photo of the pair amid Ben Affleck reunion

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While Jennifer Lopez has been spending time with her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck following her split from Alex Rodriguez, her other ex casually shared a throwback photo of the former couple on Instagram. Nella foto, il ...

Sean Hannity on COVID-19 origins, Biden administration’s handling of border crisis

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SEAN HANNITY, FOX NEWS HOST: Grazie, Tucker. And I've got your chicken.It's ready for you. Whenever you want, I'll deliver wherever you want.CARLSON: Anytime.HANNITY: It's going to be delivered.I like Kentucky Fried ...

Sean Ono Lennon says ‘political correctnessmight be ‘doing more harm than good

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The 45-year-old son of Beatles legend John Lennon and Yoko Ono has become somewhat known for his sharp opinions and set his sights on "political correctness" during a Sunday Twitter tirade. "When I was young ppl used...

Sean Hannity: Mainstream media’s narrative is more important to the left than telling Americans the truth

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SEAN HANNITY: The media mob, partito Democratico, Big Tech, they have zero fidelity to something called the truth. From the Russia hoax to Justice Cavanaugh, the dirty dossier, last summer's violent riots, that they wou...

California AG will investigate deadly police shooting of Sean Monterrosa

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The California Department of Justice will review the shooting death of 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa at the hands of officers at the Vallejo Police Department, the state's attorney general said. "We will not be bring...

Veteran Sean Parnell runs for Pennsylvania Senate seat: Primo 100 days of Biden ‘a disaster’

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COLONIAL PIPELINE CYBERATTACK: REPUBLICANS DEMAND MORE ACTION FROM BIDEN ENERGY SECURITY SEAN PARNELL: Protecting and preserving the American way of life has always been a mission of mine. ... I led the infantry p...

Sean Hannity used to rule Fox. But in the post-Trump era, Tucker Carlson is king

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New York (CNN Business)Sean Hannity finds himself in familiar territory as of late: second place. For most of his career, the right-wing Fox propagandist has been in the shadows of someone else. When Bill O'Reilly w...

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs reveals new middle name: ‘Welcome to the Love Era

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For business mogul and music pioneer, Sean "Diddy" Combs, everything rides on one word: Amore. The 51-year-old super-producer revealed on Monday that he changed his middle name from his maiden "John," for which Combs ...

Sean Hannity blasts Biden’s speech; it was addressed to his ‘radical, socialist base

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SEAN HANNITY: Ovviamente, tonight, shortly after congratulating himself on his COVID response Joe then quickly moved to address the concerns of what is his radical, socialist base – that is the new Democratic Socialis...

Sean Kazmar makes it back to majors after 13-year absence

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"Definitely everything and then some," Egli ha detto. "What an amazing feeling." While Kazmar and the Atlanta Braves lost to the Chicago Cubs 13-4, his pinch-hit appearance in the fifth inning marked the 36-year-old infiel...

"Vere casalinghe’ La star Braunwyn Windham-Burke parla dello stato del suo matrimonio aperto con il marito Sean

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"Le vere casalinghe di Orange County" stella, 43, ha parlato di come hanno un matrimonio aperto da quando lei si è dichiarata gay l'anno scorso e ha perseguito una relazione con una donna. Windham-Burke e Burke hanno deciso di restare ma ...

Arizona parts ways with Sean Miller amid NCAA investigation

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When the school didn't extend his contract beyond next season, it became clear a decision would need to be made. The wait came to an end Wednesday when the school announced Miller was leaving after 12 seasons and ass...

House Democrats elect Sean Patrick Maloney as DCCC chairman

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House Democrats elected Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney of New York to serve as the chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, giving him the difficult task of protecting their slim majority in 2022, whe...

Sean Hannity sta già gettando le basi per l'auto-perdono di Trump

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A seguito della grazia di Donald Trump al gen. Michael Flynn la scorsa settimana, la voce in giro per la Casa Bianca era che questo era solo l'inizio di una serie di grazie che il presidente emetterà prima di lasciare l'ufficio..

Sean Connery Fast Facts

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Here's a look at the life of actor and philanthropist Sean Connery. He was perhaps best known for playing Agent 007, James Bond, in seven films. Data di nascita personale: agosto 25, 1930 Data di morte: ottobre 31, 2020 ...